• Porsche 924

Porsche 924 sports car produced by the German companies Porsche in the years 1975-1988.

In the Seventies, Volkswagen wanted snake entrance sports car on the market the new model, whose design will order with the company Porsche. Work on a new project, wearing embracing codes names EA 425, have begun a in 1972. wiatowy cause fuel crisis However, an unexpected changes plans and resigned from VW its production. Porsche feature C the finished car, on the move For the project and came up with manufacture of your car. “Many people wanted would buy a Porsche, but they simply can not afford it “- is thinking about what you want to communicate heart was spread Porsche before presentation of the new model, the 924 was decided so the returns for concepts of the Porsche 356, which was a composed of the standard part produced on a large scale, for the sake of her Szeja prices. too abandoned then the eternal rules, small Porsche must have engine at the back, in addition boy-cooled air.

When designing the 924 taken into account many of the concepts apply mover court. To maintain perfect driving abandoned motor rear axis. Obstacle be of such a small reap part of the bookcase storage that Volkswagen. For a modern solution out start Then considers this chilling liquid, front engine and front drive d No skuszono up However, reigning trades then (and now) trends. Engineers Porsche knew Email this solution out there might have way place in sports car. Using laptop to the experience in the production of the Porsche 914, was abandoned as centrally in the compound-engine, which was a very uncomfortable in serving and drastically limits space in the cabin. Eventually adopted Engine is in the front, the chest gear with you u Such an arrangement, called a transaxle giveth you delectable results.

The effects need to be having a long wait. Nine set twenty four turned up a hit the market. In this Lowest Porsche, compared to other products, can be of let a much more buyers than so far. Within a 10 years production of tape establishments NSU in Neckarsulm panned background of approximately 120,000 units (for comparison – model Porsche 911 Turbo sales up from the beginning of production for 2001 of approximately 15000 copies).

From 1975 to 1985 Porsche 924 to be having offered to customers in several versions. Optionally, you can them be equipped with a small a removable roof (version Targa), manual five ciobiegow box Gear (later louse equipment and to pose standard) or three-speed automatic, much larger ball tnastocalowe wheels with tires of latitude 205 mm, air-conditioning, power windows, headlight washers and rear the mat. Interestingly, the 924 does not have power steering. In addition to the basic version engine of holding two liters and 125hp, manufactured to be having so small since 1978 Porsche 924 Turbo with 170hp (from 1985 – 177hp) with stronger brakes, slightly modified suspension and distinctive air intakes on the front fascia.

The same two-liter engine, though obviously modified find can be so small in the Porsche 924 Carrera. Produced in very small batches destined to small to competing in races. 924 Carrera was formed about in three versions: Carrera GT (210hp), the Carrera GTS (245hp) Carrera GTR (375hp, the power is lowered it to 320hp while competing in the Le Mans in 1980). S is now definitely collector vehicles.

In 1985, he was presented model Porsche 924S, produced by three years. Engine prevent Yczony of the Porsche 944 develops Power 150 and later 160hp. The suspension, brakes and wheels mounted on 5 bolt to a small fund known from the early 924 Turbo important. So small axis of the strings to a small close they are to the early Turbo important to This car faster than you EDUCATION 944

Porsche 924 offered on the market the American to be having a pre-adapted to the needs of the market. Changes covered the boulder Mainly engines, which was a s definitely are weaker because of the demands concerning the purity of exhaust gases. Basic (in Europe studwudziestopi Ciokonna) had a sequence 95, 110, and at the end of 115hp. The Turbo and 924S were also somewhat small are weaker. Os attenuated 924 Turbo, the market for the American sold to Oz suspension, brakes and wheels of the same as the versions aspirated hands. Coming out from overseas copies can be so small know the massive, protuberances bumpers and additional traffic lights reflectors on the sides. Porsche 924 with 95hp motor and automatic trzybiegowym loses a lot of background on the axis of the circles in relation to the basic version.

Building on the same for background-ups of construction, which in the model 924, Porsche elaborates half years seventies so small next Pc for the 911, called the Porsche 928 His presentation held up a in 1977. Not evaporator however the classical model 911

Model 924 initiated Initial Porsche new trend that lasts a until 1995, when they finish producing 968 czono first to light the future of the 924, here followed by 928 in 1981, presented the Porsche 944, model the Average trade in between a quiet 924, and 928.