• Porsche 912

Porsche 912 sports car produced by the German companies Porsche 1965-1969. Model 912 is agile, compact four-seater car capable of 100 kilometers at about eight liters of gasoline. This is achieved thanks to the switch on a powerful petrol engine, low vehicle weight and low co-factor of air resistance.

After the end of production of the 356 in 1965, the only car offered by Porsche remains 911 As a result, small cost 911 much more than 356, the company wanted a guard up decline in sales and the collapse of the brand image in the market. To prevent these problems, it was decided to introduce a new model in accession pniejszej price. Visually next successor, ie 912 to identical in comparison with the 911, but have other engine. Than s Pricing Car achievement is thanks to the use of four-cylinder units come more from the older model 356, instead of six ciocylindrowej known for its 911 costs lowered it these by reducing equipment items pose access, are on the standard. Thanks to a low price of this model of Porsche sold up the first few years of better than 911 Porsche produced With little more than 30,000 pieces of 912 by five years of production. Porsche 912 he found about equally used as radiowÄ‚Å‚z the European police, counting a cw variant Targa. In kwietniu 1967 fabryczny magazyn Porsche, Christophorus, ogosi: “On 21 December, 1966, Porsche celebrated a particularly proud anniversary. The 100,000th Porsche, a 912 Targa outfitted for the police, was delivered.” (“21 grudnia 1966 Porsche obchodzio bardzo wany jubileusz. Stutysiczne Porsche, model 912 Targa, zosta oddany w rce policji.”)

When you make up a family account the 911 models with more powerful version This 911S and heavier variant 911T, Porsche executives doshas For the application, small model 912 fixed up already superfluous. 912 Production ceased in 1970; was It will replace divisions by the model 914, a vehicle that in the background position had to for the company is longest in the production of 912

After six years of absence Those model was re-launched North American ski in 1976 as the Porsche 912E, in order to fill the gaps in this segment of the senior cars was formed above after completing the production of 914, while the model 924 next official successor 914 to vetch sulphates and planned to be about putting it into production. The new 912 has a background body “G-Series” model 911, had been fueled 2.0 liter version boy odzonego Volkswagen engine air, smiling being used in the recent annals of 914/4. It was created for Only 2,099 units of this version, officially all sold in the United States.