• Porsche 901

Porsche 901 was the original sales description of the Porsche 911 in its presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963.

On September 12, 1963, the new Porsche was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show for the first time presented to 901, and in October of 1964, also presented at the Paris Motor Show, where the French car manufacturer Peugeot which since the 1920s had made to protect the rights to all three-digit reference numbers with a zero in the middle for automobiles on the use of a protected him from model name by a foreign manufacturer was attentive. Porsche responded then and changed the name in 911, had been able to settle in 1964, however already 82 copies of a 96 kW (130hp), air-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine equipped and in the base price 21,900 DM expensive 901 Coupe until the fall of the year.

This naming convention, which made it all the other automakers almost impossible their models with a three-digit number unless it contains a zero in the middle to denote concerned analogy further road certifiable sports cars like the Porsche 904, which was sold as Carrera GTS and the Porsche 906, which was given the name Carrera 6. The Porsche 907, Porsche 908, Porsche 909 was a pure racing car but not from a Likelihood of confusion concerned with Peugeot-road cars and, consequently, could compete in races under these terms.