• Porsche 804

Porsche 804 car Formulas 1, designed by Helmut Bott and taking months involving professions Formulas 1 in the 1962.

Model 804 by Next pc models 718 and 787 on the season it was decided to built a 1962 a new model with a new engine. The car can not be compared to the Lotus 25, technically complicated. Instead, fuel injection and aluminum wheels, the Porsche 804 has carburetor and steel wheels. The engine, in accordance with the practice Porsche to boxer, boy air cooled, has double dragonflies camshaft large, four branches speakers Webber and two valves per cylinder. By car equipment located in the new brakes. The engine develops power 185hp at 9200 rev/min., Of what was a good result, but of lower revs to the car much less efficient compared to competitors.

The only victory I will refer this model Grand Prix Dan Gurney after the of the race favorites were eliminated. In addition to the German Grand Prix Gurney will win pole position.

After the 1962 season due to enhance overlay layouts Porsche withdraw was spread of Formulas 1, anga shot looking at in the race long distance and race GT.