• Porsche 64

Porsche 64 car also known as the VW Aerocoupe, Sportwagen Type 64 and Type 60K10, was designed with thought to take place on september 1939 years race Berlin – Rome. The resulting based on never completed project car Porsche 114 – two-seater model, which had has centrally placed engine type V10 boy-cooled water and had to the first car produced under the mark Porsche. This idea crossed leaves but then a decision authorities that finds veins that pa ply company can not small supplies part of the private businesspeople biorstwu. In view of this it was recommended to build a sports-based VW ‘Beetle’. Yeah so the bodyshells 114 adapted to the type of plate under resting “plain” VW and because he was and is already the 10th its kind in the entire draft VW Type 60 – “new” project will receive designation “Porsche Type 60 K 10” (K = Karosserie) – renamed to preserve the existing numbering projects at the Porsche Type 64 First `t see a copy of lights about Daily 6 SEPTEMBER 1939 years and until 1941 was formed y 3 copies of which will survive to the present day Only No. 3