• Porsche 356

Porsche 356 sports car produced from 1948 to 1965. This is the first car built by Porsche. The name 356 comes from the project number of the car (be it 356 project Ferdinand Porsche).

Model 356 is the first car brand Porsche. However, the small before the war Porsche design department create a design for the Porsche 114, the mid-engine V-10 boy odzonym water, which planned for implementation angry for series production for the first time under the mark Porsche. Idea torpedoed a vibrant authorities of the Third Reich – so the project was eventually adapted for of rough serial VW Beetle. So was formed 3 copies of the aerodynamic model bodyshells performances from aluminum – known as the Porsche Type 64 On the basis of this project after World War II was formed by the Porsche Type 356

356 was created by Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche (son of Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Porsche, too Founder company). Like its ancestor, the Volkswagen Beetle (which was designed by Ferdinand Porsche), 356 be a car with a four-cylinder, boy odzonym air, placed at the back of the engine. Drive over passed by on about rear. The body 356 has been designed by Erwin and command, part mechanical (counting a c engine, suspension and chassis) have been adapted from Volkswagen. Early prototypes to 356 built of aluminum, but the solution of this be impractical in the case of implementation down to the production model, so you all next 356 BC had a small steel spoon bodyshells.

Because bugs financial firm (than higher costs) for the construction of the first 356 in Rye many part of Volkswagen. However, the small Porsche quickly redesign background and ennobled For a car with an emphasis on the axis of strings, so the late 50th only a few part be a common car both brands. In 1950, the Model 356 will gain are in in between enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic for his by unique aerodynamics and easily carrying out, as well as an for Vietnam as execution.

Basics model 356 left over unchanged for a whole s production period, with developmental and functional improvements. However, diverse models of both coupe and convertibles produced by small from 1948 to 1965.

Convertibles offered by small from the start of production of 356, and in the early 50s, the time of their production crossed the 50% TOTAL U Best known for version without a roof be a 356 “Speedster”, presented at the end of 1954 after Max Hoffman, the sole importer of Porsche in the U.S., advise company email this lower version of the open-top can order up well sell in America. With its low tilted windows front and kibble kowymi seats, Speedster turned out up a big hit, especially in the Southern California. Production of the Speedster doshas 1171 and cars in 1957, then a has started to pounce at the end of 1958, the Speedster was replace risers model “Convertible D”. It has you a bite, more practical windows overhang, glass side windows and more comfortable seats. In next Year he, model 356B “Roadster” replace with model D. In the late ’60s sale model 356 with ingredients out bed roof has started to fall.

The last model 356 be a 356C which was introduced in the 1964. Has a disc brake as well option pushrod engine mount strongest I’ve ever been produced in a Porsche, would a riding unit is 95 “SC”. Production of 356 doshas background to 14151 cars in 1964. During the same year, was presented next successor – 911 Company continued work and sales 356C in North America by 1965. Recent ten 356 (cabriolets) were assembled at the beginning of 1966 as the year 1965.

Original price sale at the end of 1,950 years fluctuating background in the limits of $ 4,000; Today, prices hesitate up in between $ 20 000 to well over $ 100 000 at auction.

Porsche 356 reaped Much success in the race include in the 24 hour race of Le Mans, the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, the Carrera Panamericana as well in many other important various sports events.