• Panoz DP01

The Panoz DP01 was a racecar car type formula that was used in the former category Championship cars Wheel Open U.S., the Champ Car World Series in 2007, was produced by Panoz/Elan Motorsports in Braselton, Georgia, USA USA. It was developed for the 2007 season of the Champ Car World Series, replacing the old Lola chassis. The DP01 was introduced to the world during the Grand Prix of San Jose on July 28, 2006. Because the season of Champ Car World Series in 2008 was not played due to the sale of the Champ Car to the Indy Racing League, as used at the time your vehicle to your specifications, the car is not currently used in any professional racing series in the United States. The race Long Beach Grand Prix 2008.

The Panoz DP01 was developed to be much safer and less aero-dependent, while competing closely with other cars existing Champ Car. The Panoz had many changes over the previous car produced by Lola, including more downforce on the bottom. Approximately 60% of car Esaba 2,500kg (5,500 lbs) of downforce at 320km/h (200mph), which comes from the bottom of the car. This made direct air in a manner that could create a downforce on the car, by sucking on the racetrack. This meant less reliance on the front and rear wings in the event of a failure at high speed.

Another important change was the previous car had applied the nose up as the current Formula 1. Nose is moved further above the front wing, directing the air by aerodynamic underbody. With the raised nose, also created a safer driver if a collision with a wall with another car environment.

The driver sat lower than the Lola chassis, to reduce the chance of injury to the back, and to better accommodate the use of the HANS device, which is used in rider safety.

The first race of the Champ Car Panoz DP01 its first official test tube from 23 January to 25 January 2007, at Sebring International Raceway. The second official test occurred on 12 and 13 February at the MSR Houston circuit testing. The third and final official test before the season was held on 9 and 10 March at Laguna Seca. Panoz DP01 was debut in the Grand Prix of Las Vegas on April 8, 2007. Team Australia with Australian Will Power pole and the first victory won DP01.

In February 2008, had revealed the sale of Champ Car to the Indy Racing League (IRL). Since the IRL used his own car to their own specifications with a chassis manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Dallara, the DP01 withdrew from the competition after a year of service in competition use. His last competition was the Long Beach Grand Prix in 2008 race held in April 2008, playing the last Champ Car race car, and DP01 were used the last time by all participants.

Officially, the Panoz DP01 is no longer manufactured. However, Panoz/Elan Motorsports car used as a model for the chassis Panoz DP09 chassis for defunct Superleague Formula housing a naturally aspirated system was used to cool the engine V12 4.2 Lt.

Most teams DP01 owners, who ran the Champ Car sold them to collectors in the United States and other countries. Two examples of these vehicles in use was in 2010, which were found in BOSSGP racing series where the chassis was used by Henk de Boer and Peter Milavec.

The president of the Atlantic Championship, Ben Johnston, also owns at least two DP01, and intended to be reused in the creation of a new single-seater formula racing series type multi-class called GreenPrixUSA. However, the first season was delayed due to a review of possible engine problems. In May 2013, however, GreenPrixUSA had made his debut.