• Nissan Wingroad

The Nissan Wingroad is a break made by the Japanese automaker Nissan primarily designed for the Japanese market.

The Wingroad is not released in Europe or the United States.

The first Wingroad in Japan released in May 1996. This is due to the break Sunny launched in late 1990 and rebadged.

It has 5 seats but has a utility version 2 places called AD, who can then receive a diesel type engine at the time still sometimes given in Japan.

The second generation Wingroad is this time a full model. This is only a break, sharing again its platform with the Almera family in Europe and the Bluebird Sylphy in Japan.

Three petrol engines are offered on the Wingroad 5 seats, the 1.8-liter is only comes with four-wheel drive.

As before, the utility version is called AD.

Launched at the same time as the second generation of Bluebird Sylphy in Japan, in December 2005, the third edition Wingroad displays a more personal and dynamic style.

As before, this is only a break.

Recognizable by its black bumpers and unpainted, the utility version 2 places is still called AD. This variant is also sold at Mazda, under the name Familia Van, Mitsubishi and where it is then called Lancer Cargo.