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Nissan Tiida – car hatchback or sedan produced since 2004 by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan. The first incarnation of the model was produced in the years 2004 – 2012, and its second generation debuted in 2010, hitting for production a year later. European debut of the second incarnation came in 2013. In Europe, the Tiida acts as a successor model Almera.

Nissan Tiida – the compact car presented in 2004 in Japan, the production moved there the same year, and worldwide sales of the model was launched a year later. In Poland, was launched in June 2007 and Stamped on offer for 2012. In Europe, the model serves as a successor model Almera

Nissan Tiida generation I was sold the aforementioned United States as the Nissan Versa, a sedan version in Japan is called the Nissan Tiida Latio. Ask a brief episode in an attempt to Tiidy sales in South America as a Dodge Trazo.

The second generation Nissan Tiida was introduced in 2011 at the motor show in Shanghai. Production of the car was launched in China in the same year. In other countries of the world model debuted later in Australia under the name Nissan Pulsar sales model was launched in 2012. Tiida is offered as a 5-door hatchback. The sedan model has a different and more chromium enriched relative to the hatchback design and is offered only on the 5 world markets in Japan, Mexico and Thailand as the next incarnation of the Nissan Sylphy, in the U.S. as the next incarnation of the Nissan Sentra and Australia as a variant of Pulsar sedan model, which Tiidy the local, traditional name. The car belongs to the C-segment, but what’s interesting is designed on the same floorpan as smaller Micra.

The debut model on the European market was not originally planned because of the company policy, which provided a focus on a particular type of body on a particular continent – North America and Asia are sedans, SUVs and minivans and crossovers on the Old Continent. At the end of 2012, the board of Nissan has announced that in the segment of compact hatchbacks sees a lot of potential but at the same time does not indicate whether the Tiida known for world markets will be finally Also in Europe. Then it turned out that the long-awaited compact Nissan for the European market only technically will be based on Tiidzie, and the body will be deeply modified. In addition, there is a new name and other engines. In February 2014 the media reported that the new compact model will be produced in the Spanish factory Renault-Nissan in Barcelona, and in the second half of May 2014 after more than a year of testing the masked traffic model Japanese company has officially announced that the compact model will be named the Pulsar and will debut officially on May 20. Sales of officially will begin in the autumn.

First name may be misleading, since identically named Tiida to Australia and New Zealand market, but these are only two technically related to cars.