• Nissan Terrano

Nissan Terrano II is an all-terrain vehicle called switchable AWD (not permanent), also called Nissan Mistral in Japan. Developed in collaboration with Ford (with whom he took the name of Maverick), it was sold in 1993 to replace the Terrano. It was available in 2 body styles: 3-door and 5-door.

Production ceased in 2006. His twin Ford Maverick he is already more commercialized since 1998 it has never been successful in the American brand.

The two models were assembled at Nissan’s plant in Barcelona.

The first model Terrano II was launched in 1993.

It was proposed in two bodies (short frame and long wheelbase 3-door 5-door), powered by 2 blocks (a 2.4 petrol 124hp and 100hp 2.7 TD) and available in 3 finishes (LX, SLX and SGX). The long wheelbase wagon and took the name was with a 3rd seat bringing the number of seats 7. Equipment time is now quite rustic. The only luxuries available as standard or as an option was the airbag ("Airbag") driver, power windows, the radio, air conditioning and sunroof.

1996 is the year of the first facelift for the Terrano II rather welcome to stay in the race.

The changes are mostly aesthetic and wear on the front, the rest remaining virtually unchanged apart from flares most prominent wings. The front receives new round headlights and fog leave the bumper to come off headlights becoming too round. The hood ran for its air intake to the engine. Finally, the radio antenna left front fender to sit at the back of the pavilion. These alterations him give a cute and massive air but also becomes less aggressive.

Inside, it is reworked more timidly. The dashboard is unchanged except for a new provision of certain controls on the center console. It remains in carbon finishes S and SR and is adorned with faux wood in the upscale version of SE. New upholstery appear: gray fabric for S finish, black and gray fabric for SR and gray finish and red velvet finish for the SE.

The equipment also because the cloth airbag driver and ABS are standard on the SE and SR, air conditioning standard on the SE as well as the radio.

The engines are also evolving: the 2.4 petrol is deflated to 116hp and the 2.7 TD passes 125hp winning an intercooler (hence the "i" TDi, the new name). The 2.4 petrol is not available along SR.

In all versions, the SE is most recognizable by its two-tone paint (low gray box), its headrests full (perforated on 2 other finishes) and its stainless steel running boards.

Until next facelift will be added to the staffing airbag passenger and 6-CD changer. Its twin the Ford Maverick benefit, also this restyling.

1999, the Terrano II is still selling well, but the line starts to date and the most modern competition becomes fierce. To keep in the race, he receives a new facelift that will completely change its appearance.

It begins with the names that become "Comfort", "Sport" and "Luxury". The latter takes the name "Grand Touring" package with the addition of the same name includes leather upholstery, the automatic gearbox 4 speed and sunroof.

The lateral line is always the same but it is always the front which is profoundly modified. Round headlights disappear to make room for rectangular blocks incorporating the headlights and fog lights. Flashing leave the front bumper to be found in the extension of the headlights. The grille adopts a new design and can adorn themselves according stainless finish.

The rear is also tweaked: fires earn plastic moldings that extend beneath the rear window, become rectangular. Cover spare wheel becomes stiff and adopted a new logo.

The interior is also changing with a change of atmosphere first: the gray gives way to beige, the upholstery is modified and the dashboard becomes two-tone (black and beige). But the main change affects the central console, redesigned, which adopts a more ergonomic shape and enveloping. It adopts a new radio and a new air conditioning system. However, no major change to the equipment list.

The engines do not move either apart from the 2.4 petrol which is now reserved for versions 3 doors.

On the latest models, the radio antenna leaves the rear of the roof and took a seat at the front. Measure economic might this type of antenna requires less wiring. New rear headrests, more enveloping, also will appear.

Ford Maverick, he does not benefit and disappear.

. Third and last restyling for the Terrano II intervened in 2002 On this occasion, it was renamed simply Terrano and receives a new, more modern than the 2.7 TDi diesel block: a 154hp 3.0 Di borrowed Nissan Patrol. 2.7 TDi remains in the catalog without technical change but was renamed 2.7 Di. In contrast, the 2.4 petrol disappears. The range is enriched finishes and Ultimate Excess equipped block 3.0 Di. Sport and Luxury stay with the 2.7 Di. Finish Comfort, it disappears.

External alterations are minimal: new grille, new front bumper and new rims. The interior receives her new upholstery, new front seats and new counters. Equipment, it is enriched with side airbags security.

In 2005, the 5-door disappears with the arrival of Pathfinder. The range has been simplified finishes Sport (only 2.7 Di), Comfort (2.7 or 3.0 Di Di) and Elegance (3.0 Di). The interior changes again to become black surround and center console is adorned with a titanium coating.

During his long career, the Terrano II has often been proposed in the special series. These series were based generally on the mid-range finish with a list of equipment enriched.