• Nissan Sunny/B12

Nissan Sunny – car lower-middle class, produced by the company Nissan from 1966 to the present.

Until the early eighties of the twentieth century, the company was producing Nissan cars, for export under the brand name Datsun. The first Nissan Sunny was known outside Japan as the Datsun 1000.

Datsuns models bearing the name Nissan Sunny:

Since 1982 began re-branding. Model B11 appeared no longer as a Datsun, but as Nissan/Datsun Sunny. The so-called "Japanese" version of Sunny, sold in North America as the Sentra, is marked with the code letter B and the internal version of the "European" (also sold outside Europe, such as Japan as Pulsar) with the letter N. Previous Model determined that letter, it Cherry, also called Pulsar (N10 and N12 models).

Nissan Sunny B11, produced in the years 1982-1986, was the first Nissan model in its class equipped with front-wheel drive. Compared to its predecessor had a lot more functional interior. There were body type 2 and 4-door sedan, 3 and 5-door hatchback and 5-door station wagon. Served to drive the motors with capacities of 1.3 (56hp) and 1.5 liters (72hp) and 1.7 l Diesel.

Sales Sunny/Sentra B12 started in 1985 and lasted four years. In addition to front-wheel version was available a version with four-wheel drive.

Sunny N13 appeared in Europe in 1986. Technically he was very close to the model B12, but the body was designed from scratch. Were used to drive the petrol engines with capacities of 1.0 (50HP), 1.3 (60HP), 1.4 (75hp), 1.6 (90 and 115hp) and 1.8 (125hp) and 1.7 (54hp) D. In addition to 3 and 5-door fastback cross-country, sedan and station wagon, interesting proposal was a three-door coupe model Pulsar NX. The production was completed in 1991.

In 1989 he presented the Sunny/Sentra B13. But it is not only the name of the model, as Mexico was called the Tsuru (there is produced today). 2 or 4-door sedan was powered by engines with capacities of 1.4 (86hp), 1.6 (110hp) and 2.0. (140hp). Its production ended in 1994

In 1991 he made his debut Sunny/Pulsar N14, technically almost identical to the model B13. The choice was Body type: 3-door fastback cross-country, five-door liftback, 4-door sedan, station wagon (Traveller), and in some markets the pick-up. The appearance of the station wagon and pick-up differed slightly from the other models. Differed in the front part of the body, the other in them were, among others, lights, direction indicators and front door. Sunny served to drive gasoline engines of the same capacities at the B13, but properly with the power of 75 (at the end of production 87), 90 (or 102 with multi-point fuel injection) and 143hp (3-door and 5-door GTi). An interesting fact is that the 5d Sunny GTi version Olgierd Halski drove in the first series of the TV series "Extradition". In addition to the GTi version was also GTi-R engine power of 226hp (also only a 3-d) and four-wheel drive. In addition to petrol engines offered a diesel 2.0-liter, 75hp. The Japanese version called Pulsar, available only in 3-d, was driven engines of 1.5 liters (94hp) and 2.0 liter (230hp). Besides the Traveller production ended in 1995. In stats bazawaryjności Sunny N14 does better than its successor. In 1995, Nissan Sunny N14 (in Europe) replaced Nissan Almera N15.

On the basis of the model Sunny N14 created a small sedan called the Nissan 100NX.

In 1994 he presented a model Sunny/Sentra B14. In Japan, a sedan called the Sunny, kombilimuzynÄ™ Pulsar and Lucino coupe. Deluxe version sold as Presea. In the U.S., 4-door sedan and two-door Sentra was called 200SX, he had nothing to do with a larger coupé of the same name (200SX/Silvia). To drive the motors used 1.5 (105hp) and 1.8 liters (140hp). Although they were much stronger than those used in the sister Almerze, this car has earned the name ponderous and less to lead. This was caused to include replacing rear independent suspension torsion beam. The production was completed in 1998

Model Sunny B15 (Japan) presented in 1998. The offer is only a 4-door sedan, powered by engines of 1.3 (87hp), 1.5 (105hp), 1.6 (175hp) and 1.8 liters (130hp). In the U.S. market model B15 Sentra debuted in 2000. Was powered by four-cylinder engines with capacities of 1.8 (126hp) and 2.0 liter (145hp). In 2002, the motor 2.0 is replaced by 2.4 L (165 or 175hp).

Presented in 2000 Almera N16, designed for the European market, is offered in 4-door to the Middle East markets as the Nissan Sunny, in Thailand as the Sunny Neo. Their drive provides engines with capacities of 1.3 (90hp), 1.6 (118hp) and 1.8 liters (114hp).

In 2006, she made her debut zrestylizowana Bluebird Sylphy version of the previous one, XI generation. In Africa and Asia, is sold under the name Sunny, in Russia and Ukraine – as Almera Classic. The car is manufactured by Renault Samsung Motors in Korea and is the equivalent offered on the local market Samsung SM3. This model is powered by the 1.6 l/107-116hp.

The latest generation debuted in December 2010 and went into production in 2011. It occurs under the names Sunny in Asia, Latio in Japan, Versa Almera in the Americas and in Australia and New Zealand. In India, while the car is sold in parallel sold under two brands – under the banner of Nissan and (only in the Indian market), as well as Renault Scala.Auto is powered by a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.5 HR15DE 98KM/134Nm forwarding it to the front axle optionally via transmission Xtronic CVT.W We also offer a 1.5 dCi engine 86KM/200Nm.Bagażnik this sedan is 490 liters of luggage.