• Nissan R380

The Prince R380 was a racing car which was produced in 1965 by the Prince Motor Company for the Japanese Grand Prix. After the merger with Nissan 1966 Nissan R380 to R380 was modified-II (also R380 Mk II).

1964 Prince had to start all-new Skyline 2000 GT S54 in the second Grand Prix of Japan to demonstrate the performance of the new Prince-G7-line six-cylinder engine. Although the car did not hit bad, 904 GTS a private driver to the courts were likely to be referred from two to six from the Porsche.

Prince recognized the superiority of the mid-engine concept, the Porsche 904 and came to the conclusion that a specially built for this purpose sports car to winning the Grand Prix would be necessary. The car has been redesigned from the ground up and had a completely new chassis, which was suitable for receiving a mid-engine. The new car had an aerodynamic body with visible struts on the rear bonnet.

The engine still called Prince G-series like the Skyline, but adapted it to the specific needs of racing use. The new machine was GR8 and was a six-cylinder engine with 1966 cm3 displacement and an output of 200hp (147 kW). The, ”’ Hewland racing gearbox had 5 courses.

When Nissan took over the project, the body of the R380 has been completely redesigned. The rear struts are replaced by a continuous cockpit with the engine cover, and the cooling openings and baffles of the vehicle have changed. Nissan managed to get the power of GR8 engine to 220hp (162 kW).

Due to the cancellation of the Grand Prix of Japan in 1965 served the Prince R380 to high-speed testing of the aerodynamics. This meant that the car end of 1965, five E-class speed records for land vehicles broke.

1966 Prince gave four nominations for the R380 at the Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway from where three of the newer Porsche 906 took part. Finally, the R380 won the overall victory, the winning of Giichi Sunako and Hideo Oishi was second.

After finalization by Nissan in turn four cars were sent to the Grand Prix of Japan. But this time, the Porsche 906 had the upper hand and for the R380-II remained only the second, third, fourth and sixth place. The winner drove out a distance of nearly two minutes. Later, Nissan put a R380-II and for the achievement of new speed records for land vehicles and broke in October of the same year seven of these records.

After the development of the successor R381 1968 R380 were sold to privateers. The specifications in this year again three nominations for the Grand Prix of Japan and reached all the places three, four and five. Two reported from the factory R380 won the first and second place in the Chevron Paradise 6 Hour 1969 on the Surfers Paradise International Raceway in Australia. 1969 won a R380 second place in the 1000km Fuji race and again a second place in a 200-mile race in Fuji in 1970.

2005 restored a Nismo R380-II and used it for exhibitions along with other cars of the R380 series.

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