• Nissan Patrol/Safari

Nissan Patrol 4X4 is the flagship of the Japanese brand of the same name.

This name dates back to the 1950s, but the Patrol really democratized when it first appeared in 1980, under his name "160". Bigger, more comfortable, more powerful, it wants to compete with the Range Rover, Jeep Cherokee and other Mercedes-Benz G-Class is equipped with a spring suspension and 2 rigid bridges.

The "new" Patrol 160 is equipped with a bigger engine for the times, an atmospheric diesel 6-cylinder 3.3-liter displacement and 95hp (SD33) or a 6-cylinder 2.8-liter gasoline engine (L28).

But in 1986, to better compete, appears a compressed turbo developing 110hp (SD33T) version, which allows it to be more comfortable on the road in particular.

In 1988, Nissan released a variation of Patrol 160, the Patrol GR (Grand Raid), which swapped the blades for springs, providing much more comfort. Based on the 160, the GR is wider body, more comfortable, more modern (completely redesigned inside). GR has, for more efficiency in all-terrain, manual differential lock rear axle (optional on the first series) and, especially, has a brand new engine diesel turbocharged 6-cylinder 2.8-liter and 115hp (RD28T), soft and melodious.

This engine could appear powerful in the late 1980s, but he main drawback lack of low-end torque (inherent in any 6-cylinder small displacement).

GR Y60 was also equipped with stronger engines displacement, a 4.2-liter available in 3 versions, atmospheric diesel (TD42) or turbocharged diesel (TD42T) or gasoline (TB42). There are also very few versions with 2.8 liter diesel engine air (RD28).

In 1990, the Patrol 160 becomes 260, it’s slightly restyled and adopts RD28T GR engine. There will also be equipped with the same engine aspirated (RD28) release.

In 1994, 260 becomes "Baroud" he will continue his career until 2002 with the engine of the Nissan Terrano II, a 4-cylinder diesel turbocharged 2.7-liter and 100hp.

The Patrol GR (Y60) evolves meanwhile in 1998 by becoming the Patrol GR Y61. It is proposed version TD6, always a 6-cylinder 2.8-liter but with intercooler, bringing its power to 130hp. There are also TD42 engine with 123hp and 158hp TD42T or petrol version with a 4.5 liter 197hp (TB45) and a 4.8 liter 280ch (TB48).

In 2001, Nissan drops the 6-cylinder engine and the Patrol team a 4-cylinder direct injection "Di" 3 liter (ZD30) Original Renault, which boasts 160hp.

GR Y61 evolve fairly on a technical level, it will be slightly restyled in 2003 and deeper in 2005.

The Patrol ended his European career in 2009. A new model exists but is no longer imported into Europe.