• Nissan Navara/Frontier

The Nissan Navara is a pickup terrain manufactured by the Japanese automaker Nissan since 1990. So far, three successive generations. These three generations have two possible variation: single or double cab. It can be equipped with a hardtop and has many amenities.

On the American continent, as in Japan, the Navara is marketed under the name "Nissan Frontier". It has different engines and a declination extended (with a longer bucket).

During his replacement by the third generation, the D22 Navara was renamed "NP300" and introduced into the utility line manufacturer. It thus offers an alternative, less expensive, the Navara third generation.

The third generation was released in 2005 and produced until 2007 was a 2.5 dCi engine producing 174hp 403 Nm of torque. The name refers to the dCi Diesel Renault range, but the engine is a Nissan product, officially named YD25DDTi. In 2008, to meet the new Euro 4 standards for automobile pollution in Europe, the engine undergoes minor changes (adding a particulate filter) and then develops 171hp, resulting in a slight overconsumption. In 2010, a facelift of the Pathfinder/Navara range offers two new engines. The 2.5 dCi then develops 190hp and 450 Nm and the 3.0 dCi 231hp and develops 550 Nm of torque. He receives a new, more aerodynamic bumper, a new 7-speed automatic with the V6 engine and an overhaul of the interior is made with a level of improved finishes box.