• Nissan Kubistar

Renault Kangoo – Car personality type van kombivan French brand Renault produced since 1998. Since 2008 produced the second generation model. In Latin America, the vehicle is produced under the Nissan brand as a model Kubistar.

Renault Kangoo and was presented in 1998 at the Geneva Auto Show. The prototype vehicle was called Pangea.

In 2001, the car passed the first facelift. Changed include headlights, hood, radiator grille and bumpers. In 2003 he was modernized pojazu: lists the headlights and dashboard. Also changed the way soundproofing interior.

Commercial versions are called Kangoo Express. They may have limited the cab door glazing windshields and side sliding doors only to one side. Another variant of the commercial version is asymmetrically split rear double doors instead of the back flap. There is a renewed version of the Kangoo Maxi called. There are also versions with enhanced rear suspension – the pipe instead of the torsion bars.

Interior Kangoo its design resembles the interior of a car. The upper part of the dashboard was covered with an anti-glare material. The car is equipped with, inter alia, consisting of a steering column at the time of collision. Is standard ABS with emergency brake assist.

At the time of the introduction of the car on the market were available ośmiozaworowe two petrol engines: 1.2 (60hp) and 1.4 (75hp). Diesels started in August from 1.9 injection pump with a capacity of 55 and 65hp. In 2000, the added direct injection diesel 1.9 dTi with a maximum power of 80hp and withdrawn 1.9 (55hp). In 2001, 1.4 petrol engine was replaced with 1.6 and 1.9 were withdrawn with a capacity of 65hp. In 2002, there were a few highlights: 1.2 16v and 1.5 dCi (65 and 80hp). Therefore, in 2003, was withdrawn 1.9 D and 1.9 dTi. In 2006, 1.5 diesels are listed on the next generation that meets Euro 4: 60, 70 and 85hp.

The 1.6 is available with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Since 1998 was available version uterenowiona called Pampa. In 2001 he added a version with four-wheel drive. New Kangoo 4×4 style did not differ from the familiar version on one axle. The new look of the front of the car concerned, new fenders and lights with black trim, wheel arches and side guard rails. CzteronapÄ™dowe Kangoo is available with two engines – petrol 1.6 16V (95hp) and diesel 1.9 dCi (85 HP). Clearance of 180 mm makes it easy Overcoming inequality> you land.

Since July 2006, was produced in Argentina and uterenowiona variety Kangoo Sportway.

Renault Kangoo II was introduced in 2008. In 2012, the car was created based on Dacia Dokker and Mercedes-Benz Citan.

In 2011, the car undergoes a delicate modernization. In contrast, in early 2013 underwent a facelift vehicle. The car has new headlights, grill, front bumper, mirrors and dashboard .

In 2011 we will begin series production and sale of electric version of Renault Kangoo Express ZE with a range of about 160km on a single charge.