• Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke – a small room crosover produced since 2010 by the company Nissan. The car was presented as a concept at Geneva in 2009 under the name Qazana. A year later, presented the production version. The vehicle was built on a common platform of Nissan and Renault.

The car is a typical SUV with powerful, wide tires, elevated suspension and a massive attitude. The upper part of the vehicle refers to the sports car by highly drawn edge of the windows in the shape of the glass a motorcycle helmet and a flowing roof line as a coupe. The interior of the car is stylized sports. Driver-focused cockpit dominated the center console design inspired by a motorcycle fuel tank.

In March 2014, during the Geneva Auto Show Nissan unveiled the Juke model facelift. In the car changed include front fascia of the vehicle, which indicates xenon headlights, daytime running lights made with LED technology, a new front grille and bumper, and rear headlights and bumper. There is a new turbocharged petrol engine with a capacity of 1.2 DIG-T power of 115hp and 190 Nm of torque, which replaces the naturally aspirated unit 1.6.

Equipment serial vehicle includes a set of airbags, ESP.