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The Prince/Nissan Homy (Japanese Khoomii) was a van from Nissan, the 1970, the Prince came into the range of Nissan with the introduction in 1965 and the takeover. The model also provided the basis of the Nissan Caravan and was from 1976 with this model quite equivalent. Over time, the model developed also for luxurious equipped minibus and was in this version in 1997 replaced by the Nissan Elgrand.

In October 1965, the sale of the Prince Homy type B640 as a 15 seater minibus launched. The Khoomii as Homy in Japanese means, based on the panel van/minibus (type V640) of the model Prince Homer. He had the ladder frame chassis of Homer as well as its petrol engine (GA-4) with 1484cc with 54 kW (73hp) and four-speed gearbox. Following the merger of Prince with Nissan in August 1966, the model for Nissan Prince Homy and from then on the new one was Distributed Nissan Prince dealer network because already on the Nissan Cherry and Nissan Bluebird dealer networks that were sold by Nissan self-developed commercial vehicles such as Nissan or Datsun Caball CabLight. 1970 Nissan took over Prince complete and the brand name Prince disappeared completely. Just like the Prince Homer and Prince Clipper was sold dealer now Nissan Homy T20 from now on the Cherry and Bluebird, while the Prince dealer network only the higher settled models such as Prince Gloria, Nissan Skyline or Nissan Cedric was reserved. In August of the same year there was also a change in the Japanese Road Traffic Act, which cars can no longer be steered with the driver’s license with a capacity of more than 11 people. Nissan responded with a version of Homy than 5 or 9 seat version. However, since the length and height of a low fuel consumption and competitive price to its main competitors, Toyota Hiace and Mazda Bongo did not allow, was developed on the basis of the Homy Nissan Caravan and offered from 1973. As of August 1972, the Homy 1567 cm was parallel to Homer the Nissan J16 ³ gasoline engine with 60 kW (81hp) and 5-speed manual transmission, while the production of 5 – and 9-seater variants was adjusted. As of January 1976, it was the 2nd generation Homy type E20. This was the only body design an den Nissan Caravan angepasst be.

In August 1980, appeared a completely new model, technically parallel to the Nissan Caravan/Datsun Urvan E23. The only physical difference was a complete grid pattern on the radiator grille and an N above which brand emblem. The Homy in turn was built as a 15-seater minibus, which distinguished him from the Caravan/Urvan, also there was a mobile home development, which was offered in Europe as the Datsun Urvan tour van. As the engine Z20S gasoline engine came with 1952cc and 77 kW (105hp) and the LD20T turbo diesel engine with 58 kW (78hp).

In April 1982, was revised with a new dashboard and the window disappeared in the front doors, similar to the facelift of the caravan.

As of 1983, there were other bumpers and square headlights, and there were now a DX version with 10 seats, which was also offered in Europe as the Datsun Urvan. In May 1985, may be a more luxurious version was equipped with 8 seats as SGL Abbey Road.

From September 1986, there appeared a completely new model, again identical to the Nissan Caravan, but with a different grille and longer wheelbase. A minibus version was no longer there now. The Homy was now mutated into a luxury Van Homy Coach with more than 8 seats, but was also available as a panel van/station wagon with the Homy exclusively reserved for engines. Many Nissan Urvan or Caravan models in the export markets were basically a Nissan Homy, but with the front of the caravan. The standard engine continued to be revised, the gasoline engine and the Z20 turbo diesel LD20T each with 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Starting in 1987, all-wheel drive was available for the first time, for the time being subject to the new 2.7-liter turbo diesel engine TD27T with 74 kW (100hp) and 5-speed manual transmission.

In 1988 the GT version with a 3.0-liter V6 SOHC petrol engine with 114 kW (155hp) and 5-speed automatic transmission. On the domestic market something like this so far, no producer was available. Standard equipment for the GT a front spoiler was as much as a cruise control and 15-inch alloy wheels. As an option, a rear spoiler was available. The price at that time was 3.15 million yen.

1989 accounted for the Z20 and LD20T engines and a 5-speed manual transmission for the V6 engine was now also available. 1990 TD27Ti appeared with direct injection with 81 kW (110hp), which could be ordered in addition to a 5-speed manual with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The previous TD27T was only offered in the panel van model, but he was here, from May 1993 also no longer available.

As of August 1995, there were a revised front and to meet the car emission standards, was made during TD27Ti a transition to an electronically controlled injection pump for TD27ETi 96 KWW (130hp). In addition, the automatic panel van/station wagon was now available. The panel van/estate has now also marketed by badge-engineering of Isuzu Isuzu Fargo as III.

In May 1997, the Nissan Elgrand replaced the minibus versions. The panel van models were produced with the 2.7-liter TD27Ti until 1999 when Isuzu Fargo even until 2001.

Homy 4WD

Homy Van

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