• Nissan Caball

Due to the cooperation agreement between Nissan and the Austin Motor Company, the Nissan models A40 and A50 Nissan marketed or produced by Nissan/Datsun. In addition, this contract Nissan/Datsun seized the chassis of the Austin A50 Cambridge for their own models and Austin to use engines under license. One result of this cooperation was the Junior driven by a license-built Austin engine of Nissan Pickup, 1956 appeared on the market. To the 580 round range of models for trucks Nissan downwards, Nissan developed on the basis of the Junior Light Truck Nissan Junior Caball the 1957 erstmäls presented. Starting in 1962, the model was only Nissan Caball and later was the base model for all light-duty trucks in the group as the Datsun Cabstar and as adopted by Prince Nissan Clipper and Nissan Homer. In 1982, all of these models, including the Caball by the Nissan Atlas of as in the truck version in Europe Nissan Cabstar (Europe) was produced, replaced.

The based on the B40 Nissan Junior Pickup Flatbed C40 Junior Caball had as driving the manufactured under license B-series Austin OHV 4-cylinder petrol engine with 1500cc and 50hp, which was built here in mid-engine layout among the 3 front seats. This resulted below the middle seat of the back of the cabin to the dashboard, a large hump, which meant that you could use the middle seat only as a shelf or table. The Design of the body was more bulbous and rounded and there were suicide doors installed. As a junior was the Caball built on a Leiterrrahmen each with a leaf spring front and back and had a payload of 2000kg. The grille consisting of two sections. Between the lights there was a white-painted radiator grille with four horizontal and five vertical bars. These bore the name Nissan in large letters above and the name Junior in a smaller font underneath. The second part of the grill sat under the white-painted section and was flat sheet, painted with three horizontal slots in the body color. About the grille was a rectangular grid in the center of the emblem Caball wore. The power transfer was carried out by four-speed manual transmission. In addition to the flatbed of C40 was also offered with a hinged side and rear steel structure, there were also the Delivery Van VC40. This was available as a station wagon with 2 +3 seating and cargo space as well as a minibus with 3 +3 +3 seating. Based on the flatbed or the chassis and the minibus Caball KC40 was developed. This was an independent body and offered 17 seats.

In 1959, the series for C43 Junior Caball, in which case essentially the interior was revised and the hump now was just under the middle seat, which now was a flat bottom of one door to another.

In the late 1950s ran the Nissan License Agreement with Austin. Nissan had now developed its own smaller gasoline engines based on the construction principles of the Austin engines. 1960 thus appeared in the now C140 Nissan Junior Caball as one of the first models of the Nissan G-series 4-cylinder Benzimotor with 1488cc and a maximum of 77hp. In addition to the Caball there was the engine in the sports car Datsun Z and the first and second post-war Nissan car ever, the Nissan 30 Cedric sedan. The chronic oil leak problems of the Austin Motor Nissan introduced from thanks to a complete redesign of the crankshaft and its seals. In addition, the Nissan engine had a carburetor instead of two like the prototype. With the sole difference of a emblem, below the Caball Badge, pointing to the 71hp of the engine in Caball, the C140 corresponded except for the engine complete the C43. Oddly enough, the emblem was in German script, so 71HP and 71HP not kept about or the like. Maybe it’s because the C140 Caball has now also available in non-Asian export markets such as Australia and South America.

In 1962 appeared the C141 Nissan Caball without the addition of Junior. The only change here again covered the engine, because now there was optionally the Nissan H series four-cylinder 1883cc petrol engine with 92hp. This was now wearing a 1900 emblem under the Caball badge.

In 1963, a new C141 Caball with new front and extended by 180 mm. Instead of the Caball now had two mutually arranged headlights. For the first time there was also, with the Nissan SD22 2164cc with 70hp, a diesel engine with the common Code QC141 and a diesel emblem under the Caball badge. The longer chassis was also reflected in the Delivery Van VC141 felt that it beside the van and Kombi now available as a minibus KC141 with up to 15 Seats were. The previous minibus was now as Nissan echo with 17 or 20 seats in an independent model.

The end of 1965 the Caball C142 appeared. The 1.5 L was no longer available and the 1982cc Nissan H20 petrol engine with 99 PS took the place of the H-engine. In this version he wore the emblem in 2000 below the Caball badge.

1966 launched the C240 ​​Caball made much more modern. The suicide doors no longer existed and the Caball now had quad headlights, two directly juxtaposed headlights. The interior was completely revamped and made more similar to the dashboard of a car. The model grew in length which results in the special bodies in the exporting countries had now also fit on the Caball. In the variant diversity, nothing happened, except that the Minibus KC240 now had only 14 instead of 15 seats. The Caball C240 ​​was built despite hardly noticeable changes for ten years and has been a huge sales success for Nissan, both in the home country as well as in export.

The third and final generation of the Caball was introduced in May 1976. This generation was also marketed as the Nissan Clipper 340 and provided the technical basis for the Datsun Cabstar F20 and Nissan Homer F20. The Caball C340 used the cab and the chassis of the previous C240, however, was increased in length. The cab was rounded in appearance and the engines still needed now offered in a revised manner less Fuel. Except for the pickup and a chassis for bodies there were no other body styles more. By December 1981, the Caball C340 was produced in parallel with the Clipper 340 and then replaced all light trucks to the group by the Nissan Atlas.

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