• Nissan 200SX

The Nissan 200SX was the name of a series of Nissan cars.

The Nissan 200SX S13 was the first in Europe Nissan 200SX with the new name, and followed this Nissan Silvia (S12), of which in 1988, the last models of the band rolled into Japan. The 200SX was introduced in February 1989 in the Netherlands at the dealers. In 1991 there was a minor change and undergo the 200SX was a different front bumper, larger front brake discs, limited slip differential, a new designer wheels, new type of chairs and they were mainly air conditioning running. The engine power remained unchanged with 169HP.

Nissan called him for the Japanese market 180SX and 200SX for Europe was chosen. Would be a lot of people, which is confusing because the engine was delivered at the beginning of the same 1.8 (CA18DET). This engine is a further development of the CA18ET who was in the Silvia (S12), whose base occurs in the Nissan Sunny GTi 1.6 16V mid 80s. For the U.S. market came the 240SX, it was equipped with a 2.4 liter engine without turbo. A sound streamlined model with folding lights went like new sports coupe (officially a hatchback, coupe exists, but for U.S. and Japan) to conquer the European market and had to compete with the Toyota Celica and Honda Prelude.

Around half of 1994, the successor to the S13 introduced and that is the S14. This model was built only as a true coupe. The engine is a SR20DET, a true 2 liters so, equipped with turbo and intercooler. The difference between the SR20DE (T) from the S13 series and the SR20DE (T) from the S14 series is easily recognizable by the downward sloping to the rear valve cover. Both engines have a black valve cover, the big difference is the variable valve timing of the S14 and another turbo. In the Netherlands at the beginning was a leather upholstery option, wood inlay on the dashboard. It was a ‘good car to see. The power is increased to 200HP. The base of the S14 is actually a S13. So later appears in the tuning and at various clubs interchangeable parts of the S14 that are placed on the S13, in order to improve. Handling and performance

In early 1997 Nissan presented the facelift for the S14, popularly known as the 200sx S14a. The front, rear, steering wheel and tellerbak were adjusted accordingly. Motor is the 2 liter turbo (SR20DET) with VVT unchanged. However, the S14a an additional damper in the pipe.