• Nissan 100NX

Nissan 100NX – compact sports car manufactured by Nissan company in 1990-1995.

Nissan NX was designed in 1990, the California subsidiary of Nissan. Production started in 1990, while the sales hit in January 1991. Floor plate B13 in addition to sports coupé has been used to develop models of Sentry Nissan B13 and N14 Sunny Sunny Traveller Y10 combo. Auto replaced the cars Sunny Coupe B12 and Pulsar EXA. Was available in coupe body styles and tearing.

On the U.S. market the car was sold under the names NX1600 (model equipped with an engine GA16DE at full injection power of 112hp with head type NVCS) and NX2000 (SR20DE drive unit with a capacity of 143hp, in addition to the European version had LSD). Cars were built in California in 1991-93. NX1600 were equipped with an electronic instrument cluster.

In Japan, the car was offered in the name of the NX Coupe and was fitted with engines:

NX Coupe for the Japanese market distinguished by a rich package of equipment, including, among others, ABS, el package. and air conditioning. Versions of motors GA, have the same electronic instrument cluster as in the USA.

European versions were called 100NX and were produced from 1990 to 1996. In the years 1991-1993 cars were available with engines:

NX2000 SR20DE engine with 153hp from the beginning of his career in the U.S. market had galvanized sheet metal, chassis has been extended by a few inches to insert a wider rim profile. With the windscreen pillar on the driver has been removed from the radio antenna. The suspension has been stiffened and lowered factory fitted with rear disc brakes. Nisasn has air conditioning for at glovebox was decreased. It is equipped with one air bag for the driver and the steering wheel was changed from 3 to 4 brachial.

In 1993, the European variant of the little coupe has undergone a facelift. It consisted mainly powertrain changes 1.6 – engine received multipoint fuel injection, the changes also included the gearbox and driveshafts. The only change the outer side moldings covered, yet gray, which received the body color. Inside, the changes included a new set of indicators, and the introduction of a new brown-gray interior (instead of the usual – black, gray and blue). GTI version also received moldings in body color and the revised set of clocks.

After the facelift engine variants were available:

GA16DE difference between (90) and GA16DE (102) consisted of the application of the second unit in the intake manifold of larger section of inlet channels. Targa facelift versions had limited power to 90hp in the markets – Germany, Austria and the islands.

Coupe version was withdrawn from sale in Europe, but even in late 1993 appeared again on the German market as the 100NX SR, which was characterized by a lower purchase price and generous equipment (electric windows, package ospoilerowania GTI and foremost an engine power of 102hp) compensating for the lack of a targa roof type.

In 1991, Road & Track magazine compared the NX2000, Honda CRX SiR and Golf II GTI, then the test winner was the Nissan, and the authors melts in raptures over the properties of the chassis of the car. A year later, the R & T during the test "Best Handling Cars" NX was compared with cars such as the Acura NSX, Porsche 911 and Nissan 300ZX.

Nissan 100NX has a very poor performance in crashtestach.