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Mitsubishi L200 – a pick-up Japanese car manufacturer – Mitsubishi.

The premiere of the first version of the L200 took place in 1978, and it was a pick-up of rear-wheel drive, only two years later started production of this model with 4-wheel drive.

The latest generation (since 2006) equipped with a diesel engine diesel engine with a capacity of 2.5-liter 136hp 314 Nm of torque with the possibility of enlarging it to 167hp. In the Australian market and the UK is available with engine 3.2 DI-D famous model Pajero/Montero with 160hp and a torque of 380 Nm. In Europe there are 3 options of equipment: Invite, Intenese, Instyle.

The most basic version of the poor is produced on Africa and the Middle East. Cars do not have ABS, ESP and airbags. In Europe, the most modest version of the model is equipped Invite EasySelect distribution boxes, no traction control and ESP, is a rear differential lock Stock, ABS, air conditioning and airbags. Stolen EasySelect due to the lack of the center differential can not ride with 4-wheel drive in good conditions grip> Index (paved road, highway).

Intense & Instyle versions are equipped with crates SuperSelect (earlier versions of the L200 had only EasySelect) adapted from the Pajero/Montero.

They are probably at the moment the only pick-ups that can move with all-4-wheel all-terrain traction in the full speed range. Body L200 is built on the frame, independent front suspension with wishbones and coil springs, rear: rigid axle with transverse leaf springs.

In the world these models are used in the police and other units to react quickly. In 2009, at the service of the Polish police units were sent 66 pieces, which were selected in a tender.