• Mitsubishi Colt

Colt is a car of Mitsubishi Motors brand part of the segment "small" which the sixth generation was released in France in 2004 and restyled in late 2008. Version sold in Europe is built Born in the Netherlands and shares a many elements with the Smart Forfour (produced from 2004 to 2006). It is available in 3-door (ex-CZ3), 5 doors and sport (ex-CZT, Ralliart now called), and until 2008, it was also available in convertible, called CZC.

In Japan, where it is produced, the Colt is aesthetically similar to the European version, despite the lack of tuning. But it is remote and technically its range is completely different: the 5-door version is supported by Colt Plus, elongated and resembling a break. As almost all cars the Japanese market, the Colt can be delivered in four wheel drive.

Despite his personal aesthetics, Colt never arrived to break in France, where she made anecdotal sales. Her replacement, most basic, is called Mirage in Thailand and Space Star in Europe.

2004 − 2008

2008 -……

Mitsubishi Colt CZC (2006 – 2008)

3 doors (phase 1)

3 doors (phase 2)

5 doors (phase 1)

5 doors (phase 2)