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Mitsubishi Colt are a number of cars the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors. From 1962 to 1969 were called all cars from Mitsubishi, except the small Minica and the large Debonair, "Colt", adds to the number for the displacement, which ranged from 600 to 1500.

Only since 1978 Colt is a model name. While the first generation models in the compact class are assigned to the models of the fifth and sixth generation have been reduced in size and must therefore be regarded by today’s standards than small cars. The built in Born of NedCar from 2004 Colt was the first time not only available as a sedan, but also as a convertible.

In some countries, the Colt models are sold under the name Mirage.

Colt is called "male foal" or "young horse". This was originally to be signals that the Colt is the smallest vehicle in the Mitsubishi family. Completely independent from that there are also firearms manufacturer Colt, there is a proper name.

In the fall of 1962, the Colt 600 was the successor to the Mitsubishi 500 to the market. With the same technique with two-cylinder rear engine and the same wheelbase, the body has been revised and enlarged. A few months later, the offer was extended by a notchback sedan in the lower middle class. The lines with large windows owed the new Colt 1000 the designer Giovanni Michelotti. In the same year came the Mitsubishi Colt station wagon on the market. 1964 Mitsubishi sold almost 30,000 vehicles in the station wagon version of the Colt. 1965 Mitsubishi finished with 46,000 copies sold in fourth place among all Japanese manufacturers. In the same year the successor to the 600 model, the Colt 800 F, and only a month appeared before the launch of the larger Colt 1500th Thanks to the successful Colt Model family production reached 130 253 cars in 1968 with a new high.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, the Colt came with countershaft transmissions with two separate levers. By combining the four forward gears with two switchable gear ratios on the final drive eight forward speeds were possible, of which only six were meaningful way.

The boom period of the Colt were the 1990s, in which the same three model series were brought out, for one of the C50, from 1992 CA0 and in 1996 the CJ0. Especially the engines of these models were referred to as "indestructible".

2004, the group launched the sixth generation of the European Colt on the market. This had the same floorpan as the Smart Forfour, and Daimler-Benz was involved with technical know-how significantly to the development. This model was the first time not only as a three-door (CZ3) and five-door version, but since 2006 as a four-seater convertible, the Colt CZC.

1962 presented the new Mitsubishi Colt 600 as the successor of the first post-war vehicle 500 The 90-km/h car resembled the Goggomobil and the Fiat 500, the displacement of the first Colt was 594cc, and its performance was 18 kW/25hp. The body was much edgier and more modern than the previous run.

1965 Mitsubishi replaced the 600 by the considerably larger Colt 800 This was also technically designed to be completely different. Instead of the two-cylinder four-stroke engine in the rear Colt 600 he had a water-cooled three-cylinder two-stroke front engine with 843cc displacement and an output of 33 kW/45hp. The car was available as a three-door hatchback coupe, and later as a four-door hatchback.

Mitsubishi introduced the three-cylinder two-stroke engine one at a time, as the DKW and Saab goodbye to this type. But even in Japan did not meet the two-stroke engine with unanimous consent. From the autumn of 1966, therefore, there was also the Colt 1000F with the one-liter four-stroke four-cylinder engine of the larger Colt 1000 with 40 kW (55hp). In 1968, even the Colt 1100F with the engine of the Colt 1100. Simultaneously, in May 1969, the Colt 1000F was the Colt 800, adjusted. Was left alone since 1968 produced the Colt 1100F (from 1969 designation Colt 11F) with 1.1-liter four-cylinder engine, there was also a Super Sport version with 74hp SAE (54 kW).

As the first model of the lower middle class produced Mitsubishi from June 1963 Colt 1000 with a one-liter four-cylinder four-stroke engine, which was used later in 1000F. Were offered a four-door notchback sedan and five-door station wagon one.

In 1965, the Colt 1500 with a 70hp engine add, in September 1966 to replace the Colt 1100 to 1000, in May, followed in 1968 by the Colt 1200 with 46 kW (62hp) to 1100; the same time the Colt 1500 was modernized. In August 1968, the 1500 Super Sport appeared with a two carburettors and 62.5 kW (85hp) and a top speed of 155km/h 1970 ended the production of 1200/1500. As a result, contributed in Japan the early Galant models official term Colt Galant; in exports, the name was revived in 1978 with the Colt A150, named in Japan Mitsubishi Mirage.

Mitsubishi Colt 1100 as notchback

Mitsubishi Colt 1500 (1965)

After the European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in February 1978, the new Colt in December of the year was also introduced in Germany and quickly established itself as the best-selling Mitsubishi model there. From May 1979 alongside the three-door five-door version with a longer wheelbase was available.

Technical feature of the Colt was his so-called 4 × 2 transmission, a four-speed transmission with gear that a thrifty longer and a shorter, advantageous for accelerating translation offered in the sports stage. Stage in Economy

In January 1980, the Colt GT with sporty features followed, in May 1982, the Colt Turbo with 77 kW/105hp 1.4-liter engine.

In July 1983, the Colt underwent a small facelift with a revised front and a new dashboard.

The customers appreciated the Colt mainly because of its spaciousness, its economy, its extremely high reliability, and affordable price-performance ratio.

Mitsubishi Colt five-door (1979-1984)

In 1984, Mitsubishi Motors before the second generation of the European Colt. The hatchback was available in four engine variants, the first time with a diesel engine. The 1.5-liter petrol engine, there was a shift and an automatic version.

Rear view

Colt as a five-door

Mitsubishi Colt C10 1.5 GLX Automatik Frontansicht

Mitsubishi Colt C10 1.5 GLX Automatic rear view

Mitsubishi Colt C10 1.5 GLX Automatik Armaturen

thumb | Mitsubishi Colt C10 1.5 GLX Automatic interior

thumb|Mitsubishi Colt C10 1.5 GLX Automatik Motorraum


In 1988 the third generation. It gave him only as a three-door, the previous five-door has been replaced by the Lancer hatchback.

All models had a five-speed gearbox, the petrol engines a controlled catalytic converter. The powerful versions had no turbo engine, but a high-performance naturally aspirated engine with four valves per cylinder. Top model was the 1800 Colt GTI 16V with 100 kW (136 PS), ABS, a tighter suspension and power steering.

In the summer of 1990, the engines with 8 valves were switched to 12 or 16 valves.

Rear View of Colt



The fourth generation of the Colt was launched in 1992 at the Paris Motor Show.

Similar to the Colt CA0 the series is the Satria made by the Malaysian manufacturer Proton, which was offered in Germany in the 1990s as the 300 and 400 series.

In 1996, the Mitsubishi Colt CJ0, which was inspired by the basic form of the previous Colts followed. After 2 years of CJ0 got a facelift. The most striking changes were clear tail lights, fog lights and round instead of square headlights and indicators that were now part and not as before in two parts. In 2000, an engine overhaul followed to improve the emission standards. Had the 1.3-liter engine is now 82 instead of 75hp and the 1.6-liter 103hp instead of 90. The engines now all had a pre-catalyst, a modified intake manifold, ignition coils instead of the distributor and 16 valves.

In Japan, there was the Colt under the name "Mirage Cyborg" in a fast variant with a 1.6-liter MIVEC engine and 175hp.

The 175hp MIVEC version of the 4G92 engine, is limited at the factory to 180km/h.

The introduction of the new Colt, who is now the sixth generation of the Mitsubishi model took place in 2004. The vehicle was developed together with the also launched in 2004 Smart Forfour, with which the Colt Z30 shared the platform and technical components. Overall, both vehicles about 40 percent of all the parts were the same. Both cars were built in the Netherlands by the company NedCar. While production of the Smart ForFour in July 2006 has been set, the last Colt Z30 ran until November 16, 2012 from tape.

The new Colt, which was first offered at this time also with the more powerful of the two provided common-rail diesel engines (3-cylinder Daimler Chrysler), recorded in November of the same year Bild am Sonntag the Golden steering wheel. After 1988, this was the second time that a Colt model has received this award.

Rear of the Colt five-door

Mitsubishi Colt CZ3 (2004-2008)

Mitsubishi Colt Cabrio CZC (2006–2009)

Mitsubishi Colt Plus (not available in Germany)

At the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris in October 2008, a revised version of the Mitsubishi Colt was introduced, which came on 15 November 2008 to the market. The changes to the three-or five-door hatchback model mainly concern the optics.

The production of the diesel engine was discontinued for lack of demand. According to Mitsubishi, only 35% of the body parts of the previous model have been retained.

The front side of the body was adapted to the so-called jet-fighter front section of the Lancers and now owns narrower and more angular shaped headlights. The large, two-tier grille is bounded by a less steeply dipping and higher final bonnet upwards. The lower part of the bumper is the revised Colt made of black plastic with cutouts for the fog lights. The previous round mounted bumpers accounted for, and the linings of the A-, B-and C-pillars are now body color instead of black run. At the rear of the five-door Colt high tail lights were reduced in size and close off the rear window; also reflectors were integrated into the redesigned and now black rear bumper.

In the interior, the steering wheel was given a new shape to continue the previous three round instruments were replaced by two and added to an information display. In addition to revising the center console with modified controllers for operation of air conditioning and audio system the quality of the materials used should be increased and have been improved noise insulation. By altering the rear seat also increases the maximum boot capacity of 854 liters to 1032.

The only three-door Colt CZT top model accounted for after the facelift and has been replaced by a new sports model called the Ralliart. This was now also available as a five-door model, which continues to be the turbocharged 1.5-liter petrol engine with 110 kW (150hp) was used. In addition to an optimized suspension with larger Vorderachsstabilisatoren for better handling, this model is distinguished by a Ralliart emblem on the radiator grille, side skirts and a Roof spoiler. Moreover, it was fitted with a chrome exhaust at the rear and with titanium-colored alloy wheels. Since 2011, the Sport model Ralliart is no longer available. In February 2012 it was announced that production of the Colt and Mitsubishi Outlander factory Born (Netherlands) is set due to insufficient capacity. Instead, the new models from Eastern Europe and Asia are now being delivered.

Mitsubishi Colt five-door hatchback (2008-2012)

Rear view

The Colt ClearTec is available since 2009, high fuel consumption and low emission variant of the Colt.

Enable technologies such as low rolling resistance tires, an optimized gear ratio, new engine oil with low viscosity and a start-stop system that consumption and emission values ​​were reduced further.

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