• Mitsubishi Chariot

Mitsubishi Space Wagon (in Japan Chariot and Chariot Grandis) is a type of car van produced in the years 1983 to 2004 by Mitsubishi Motors. Space Wagon was produced in response to the Renault Espace and Chrysler Voyager. Model had three generations. In 2004, production was halted and Space Wagona replaced on the market Mitsubishi Grandis.

The first model was called Mitsubishi Space Wagon GLX 1800 and was offered with four-cylinder petrol engine with a capacity of 1795cc and 90HP.

In 1985 he joined to offer a second petrol engine. Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2000 GLX had engine with a capacity of 1997 cm ³ and had the power of 102HP. A year later, Space Wagon was available with turbo diesel – Mitsubishi Space Wagon Turbo D. It was the engine capacity 1796cc power of 75HP.

The second generation Space Wagona was produced in the years 1993-1998. Engine 2.0L 102HP remained from the previous generation. There were, however, three new engines: 1.8L 16V 122hp, 2.0L 16V 133HP 2.0L turbodiesel and 82HP.

The third-generation Space Wagona began in 1998. Since its beginning was available only one drive unit – 2.4L engine with direct fuel injection (GDI) with a capacity of 150HP. In 1999-2001, was available as a three-liter GDI engine with the power to 215HP. Since 2002 he was also the smallest available engine capacity and power of 133HP 2.0L. At the end of 2000 2.4L GDI engine has been modified to lower emissions. When This treatment decreased the power of 150HP to 147HP. In 2004, Space Wagon was replaced by the Mitsubishi Grandis.