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Mitsubishi Colt – car company Mitsubishi Motors. In the years 1984 – 2003 it was recognized Segment C; was a variant of the Lancer hatchback. Today it is counted among the Segment B. They sold it also as the Mitsubishi Mirage. The current, sixth generation was shown at the International Motor Show in Geneva. In 2008 was presented the facelift model (from the same year "rejuvenated" Colt came from Mitsubishi).

In 2012 he made his debut the successor model, which received a new, but well-known in the previous century, the name – Mirage. In Europe, the model of the reasons for the problems with the laws of Mitsubishi Mirage name will be named Space Star, but not having anything to do with non-produced minivan has the same name.

The first generation Mitsubishi Colt was presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva in February 1978. To sell a car hit in December of the same year. In Poland, the car was not sold. Niebywałymi advantages of this car were reliability, spaciousness and very good value for money.


1.2 to 55 KM

1,4 of 70 KM

1.4 Turbo and 105 KM (Ode 1981 r.)

In 1984 he was presented the second generation Colt. Was available in three engine. The model was a 3-door variant of the third-generation Lancera.Hatchback was available in four engine variants for the first time with a diesel engine. 1.5-liter petrol engine was available with a manual transmission and automatic version. In the U.S. model was called the Dodge Colt.


Colt III C5xA body code was introduced in 1987. Also, this model was a 3-door generation Lancer. For the first time in the history of the model was offered with ABS and power-assisted steering. From this generation Colt was already available in Poland. He has also performed under the names Mirage in markets outside Europe and the Dodge Colt, Plymouth Colt and Eagle Summit in the U.S. and Canada.

The most powerful version of the motor appeared on the Japanese market and was named Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg R Turbo. 4G61T engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters with two overhead camshafts and 16 valves equipped with Intercooler reached an output of 160hp. Arose also a version with 4-wheel drive car.

The models produced are:

Only in the USA:

Only in Japan

The fourth generation of the Colt has been presented at the MIA ™ international Motor Show in Paris in 1992. And this time the model is a variation… Mitsubishi Lancer. Proton Satria As the model was produced until 2005 in Malaysia. In this model, in the end "cowym production period began ™ is a use container ‡ airbags existed a GTi version (1.8 DOHC) and 4×4 (1.6) produced for export to Switzerland, was a two-door version of the sedan also sold mainly in the U.S. as Mitsubishi Mirage, Japan just as the Mirage. There is also a Japanese version of the Mirage Cyborg Featuring a high-aspirated 1.6 DOHC MIVEC engine power of 175HP. Facilities (selected)-Airbags-ABS-Power Steering-Power windows, mirrors-air conditioning manual-sunroof-heated seats (selected countries) headlight washers (selected countries) central locking strongest European version GTi is characterized by high power and a small demand for fuel. The engine power of 140HP can accelerate to the top one hundred in about 7.6 to disperse a speed of approximately 210km/h Low weight combined with a powerful engine makes a real Colt GTi hot hatch (an abbreviation of the hot hatchback).

The fifth generation Colt was presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main in 1995. It was developed on the fourth generation. It was the last Colt C-segment and the last generation Colt manufactured only in Japan (later Mitsubishi opened production in the Netherlands). In Japan, marketed as the Mirage, just like his predecessor.

The sixth generation Colt was presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva in 2003. Was a big breakthrough. Colt was the first B-segment, it also offered as CC. It has been completely developed by European designers. Only in Japan also offered it as a Mitsubishi Colt Plus, which was its extended version. Since 2004, Colt production for the European market was launched in the Dutch factory NedCar, belonging to Mitsubishi Motors.

The model was developed in cooperation with Daimler-Chrysler on the floorpan Smart ForFour.

Mitsubishi Colt VI generation facelift was unveiled at the International Motor Show in Paris, 2008. Model uses the styling direction of the jet fighter, who began Mitsubishi Lancer VIII. Changed completely forward, backward. The interior was modernized only in a slight degree.

Colt sixth generation was the last incarnation of this model and so far the model Mitsubishi offered under this name.