• Mitsubishi 3000GT

Mitsubishi GTO – sports grand tourer produced by the Japanese company Mitsubishi in the years 1990-2001. More popular is the name of the export version – 3000GT. This car with minor changes in the years 1991 – 1996 was also sold in North America through showrooms under the name Chrysler Dodge Stealth. The name GTO comes from another car Mitsubishi Galant GTO, a two-door hardtop coupé sold in the early 70s, stylized to the then American muscle cars equipped with four-cylinder engines with rear-wheel drive.

After the successful presentation of the prototype Mitsubishi HSX at 1989 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi developed the new GTO, technologically advanced sports coupe, designed to compete with cars such as the Mazda RX-7, Nissan 300ZX, Skyline GT-R and Toyota Supra. Once again, Mitsubishi has used the name GTO for your model, and the car was in production for over a decade. In addition to his native Japan the car was sold under the name 3000GT, mainly due to car Ferrari 250 GTO and Pontiac GTO that had a named member GTO and were associated with the Japanese brand. Regardless of the name of all the versions GTO were produced in the same factory Mitsubishi Nagoya contained in.

It was planned to Dodge Stealth was a safety car in held in 1991, the Indianapolis 500 races, however, the proposal does not like the United Auto Workers (UAW), it was found that the Japanese car should not get this place, which ultimately not chosen for a prototype version of the Dodge Viper.

The first generation Mitsubishi GTO applied many innovative technologies that have improved technical characteristics of the vehicle, among them were: AWD, modified steering, active aerodynamics system of the body which included self-adjusting front and rear spoilers, adjustable exhaust and electronically controlled system suspension (ECS).

The second generation of the model can easily be identified by a new shape front bumper and smaller, round fog lamps. It was possible to assemble the wheels to larger air intakes modified side (which became the dummy) and a rear bumper. Changed the interior, the car had now supplied with dual airbags and an improved air conditioning system. All engines modified so that it reaches slightly more ™ greater torque. Version VR-4 received a further 6-speed manual transmission ™… Getrag gears.

With the increasing price model was discontinued installation of additional equipment. Adjustable exhaust system has disappeared, along with 1994, ECS 1995, while the system of active aerodynamics body in 1996. In 1996, Chrysler ended sales of the Dodge Stealth, still remain available versions of the Mitsubishi.

In the years 1995 to 1996 models 3000GT SL and VR-4 sold in the U.S. market was available optional removable roof. The cars were modified by ASC in California, the roof could be removed or assumed by one touch of a button. It was the first of its kind car sold in the United States since the Ford Skyliner in the years 1957 to 1959, production 3000GT in this version, however, was suspended after two years because of the low level sales (1618 pieces).

12V SOHC engine, previously only available in the base version of the model Stealth, was added to the palette of the Mitsubishi motor after the production of the Dodge was completed. The decrease in selling sports cars in the U.S. market led to the abandonment of the planned for 1997 facelift model, but instead introduced minor stylistic changes like new front bumpers. In 1999, the 3000GT has undergone more significant changes on the outside: a new front bumpers and lamps, turn signals, rear-end finish and distinctive version 1999 VR4, big rear wing that distinguished it from other available variants of the model. Production in the Japanese market was completed in 2000, the last two pieces model sold in the next year.