• Mercedes-Benz W31 (6 wheels)

Mercedes-Benz W31 Type G4 – Off-road car produced by Mercedes-Benz in the years 1934 to 1939, was named Interior W31

G4 was the development of type G1, launched in 1926. Was equipped with 8-cylinder inline engine, which in the first three years, had a capacity of 5018cc and averaged 100hp (74 kW). Synchronized four-speed transmission carried the power to the four rear, or on all six wheels. The four rear wheels were mounted on two rigid axles with spacing of 950 mm, suspended on semi-elliptic common leaf springs. The front axle is rigid with semi-elliptic springs. All six wheels had hydraulic brakes with servo. The maximum speed was limited to 67km/h (due to road tire used). The car was built on an elongated frame, which allowed obtaining the spacious interior. Comfortable seating for seven people on two couches, front and back, in the middle row of two seats. Initially, the vehicles were intended for the SS and used by Hitler and his adjutantów. Factory painted were on the way status (shining) – gray body, black fenders. During the war, all the vehicles were repainted in matte gray color or camouflage depending on the destination. G4 vehicles belonging to the most senior members of the party had often directed to the rear lights, used to dazzle the drivers of vehicles approaching from the rear. Only 11 such vehicles have been allocated for the Wehrmacht.

From 1937, the G4 uses a more powerful engine with a capacity of 5252cc and 115hp (85 kW). Performance remained unchanged through used tires. In 1937 and 1938 produced 16 such cars. The production was completed in 1939.