• Mercedes-Benz Vario

Mercedes-Benz Vario – a family of light trucks with a total weight of 4.8 to 7.5 tonnes. Manufactured since 1996 to 27 September 2013 by Mercedes-Benz production plant mieszczÄ…cym the Ludwigsfelde in Germany. Over 17 years produced 90 743 units of this model.

On the basis of the family car Vario many companies perform building bus. In Poland, they include AMZ Kutno company, Automet and Polster. In the years 2006-2013 the company Autosan performed based on the chassis of the family buses series Autosan H7-xx Solina and Autosan Wetlina A8V. Company Jelcz built in 1999-2008, based on the chassis Vario 814D and 815D, city bus Jelcz M081MB Vero and its variants local and tourist.