• Mercedes-Benz Vaneo

Mercedes-Benz Vaneo – 5-door car segment F manufactured under the brand Mercedes-Benz in 2002-2005 that could carry up to 7 passengers. It was constructed on the basis of technical solutions of the first-generation A-class. Despite the name Vaneo it was not based on any van, which distinguished it from other vehicles in this segment of the production time, as class V. After class A Vaneo inherited a front-wheel drive and limited to only four-cylinder engines.

Sales of Mercedes Vaneo remained good horizontal, the manufacturer has decided, however, to improve the quality refresh the whole range of its models which led to the end of production after only three years.

All motors used to drive Vaneo meet emissions standards Euro 3 occurred petrol units, R4 1.6 (in two output variants) and 1.9 R4 and R4 1.9 diesel engine. In addition, the buyer could choose from three 5-speed gearbox: manual, gears with automatic clutch (ACS) and a conventional machine.