• Mercedes-Benz T1

Mercedes-Benz T1 – a family of heavy duty vehicles and light trucks produced in the years 1977 to 1995 by the company Mercedes-Benz in Germany, and then in Germany.

The car is the first car to a delivery to access the front of the engine. From the beginning, were available two engine versions also available in a model W12 – OM 616 diesel engine mounted in the models 207D and 307D with a capacity of 2.4-liter 65hp petrol engine and M115 with a capacity of 2.3-liter 85hp mounted on models 208 and 308 in 1981 was introduced five-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 2.9-liter 88hp. In 1982, increased power diesel engine 2.4 l capacity 65 to 72hp, and the model was determined 407D.

The block of the body used to design the successor T2 from the production site called Düsseldorf, which was presented in 1986 in Rome. After 10 years, appeared Vario, which still uses the body design with easy access to the engine. A completely new engine appeared in 1989 and were 2.3 D with a power 78hp (later used as the base unit of the Sprinter to 2000) and 2.9 D 95hp. The new range of diesel cars included Thus, in accordance with rule names, models from 208 D to 410 D

Versions with four-wheel drive were not offered in this model (appeared in the Sprinter, but only in 1998), but it produced an external company, as Achleitner or Iglhaut.