• Mercedes-Benz SSK

Mercedes-Benz SSK – a sports car manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in the years 1928-1932. The vehicle was available only as a 2-door roadster. The drive was transferred to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual gearbox. Throughout the period of production was established less than 40 vehicles, most of which was used as racing cars. Extreme performance and numerous successes in the sport model yielded the title of one of best sports car of its era.

SSK was the last car designed for the Mercedes by Ferdinand Porsche before he founded his own brand Porsche. Structurally vehicle is based on an older Mercedes S chassis but shortened by 480 mm, allowing it to reduce the weight of the car and improve the maneuverability which was important in the races.

Used to drive a mechanically supercharged petrol engine with a capacity of 7.1 R6 l with one camshaft located above the head, which generates maximum power of 200-300hp (150-220 kW) and over 680 Nm of torque (depending on Setting). Top speed Mercedes SSK was over 190km/h, making it the fastest production time by car. The compressor was controlled by clutch actuated by pressing the the resistance of the throttle. Withdrawal pedal rozłączało compressor drive.

Samochód zwyciężaÅ‚ you wielu rajdach: 500 Miles of Argentina 1929, 1929 i 1930 Cordoba Grands Prix, 1931 Argentine Grand Prix, 1929 Brit tourists Trophy, 1930 Irish Grand Prix, 1931 Mille Miglia 1931 German Grand Prix oraz.

Series S/SS/SSK was nominated in 1999 as the penultimate round of the receipt of the award Car of the Century in 1999.

Year 1928: