• Mercedes-Benz K (Kurz-short)

Mercedes-Benz 500K – luxury car manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in 1934-1936, was named Interior W29. The vehicle was available only as a 2-door convertible. In order to distinguish the car from the 500 sedan was added to the name of the letter "K" (from the word Kompressor – mechanical charging). 500K replaced presented only a year before the Mercedes 380, had a bigger and more powerful engine, rich interior, what was the answer… to the demand of customers for faster and more luxurious vehicles.

The car uses independent suspension system known from the model 380, the system uses dual front axle control arm, the back of the swiveling axis. As a result, the car was more comfortable than a series of S/SS/SSK from the 20s, also increased traction.

Pressing the resistance of the throttle launch the Roots supercharger compressor beznynowy R8 engine with a capacity of 5.0 l. It achieved a maximum output of over 160hp (118 kW) which allowed for a top speed of over 160km/h with a fuel consumption of up to 30 l/100km.

There were three types of chassis and eight body. Variants of "B" and "C" are based on the construction of extended to 3290 mm wheelbase, making the inside could travel for seating four passengers. A shortened version of "A" (wheelbase 2980 mm) offering space for two passengers and was available in two variants, Autobahnkurier (Motorway Courier) and the 1936 Special Roadster (fastest variant 500K). All cars were equipped with a hydraulic braking system and the installation of electric voltage of 12 V, allowing the use of electric windscreen wipers, keyless entry and direction. A total of 342 pieces were produced 500K model.

Year 1934 Special Roadster