• Mercedes-Benz F700

Mercedes-Benz F 700 bei Stars and Cars 2008

The F 700 is a concept car from Mercedes-Benz and was presented at the IAA 2007 in Frankfurt am Main for the first time.

Despite its size and weight of the consumption is at a distance of 100 kilometers only 5.3 liters. The weight of the luxury sedan is 1.7 tons. The CO2 emissions of the F 700 is according to factory specification at 127 g /km.

For the performance achieved, especially the newly developed This gasoline engine is responsible. In the F 700 the first time this comes as a four-cylinder engine with 1.8 liter displacement and an output of 175 kW (238hp). The torque should be at 400 Nm. Thus, the F 700 7.6 seconds from 0 to 100km/h speed. The top speed was limited to 200km/hr. In addition, the engine has a direct injection, two turbochargers and variable compression.

However, the most important part of the new Diesotto technology is the controlled auto ignition at part load. This is a diesel-like and highly efficient combustion process which, especially at low and medium engine speeds has its merits. Of F is the fuel-air mixture ignites care of itself started 700 as a conventional gasoline engine by the spark plug, which is also be used at high load. The exhaust gas cleaning is performed by a series of conventional Three-way catalyst. The electric motor of the F 700 provides, especially in the urban transport benefits and provides an additional 15 kW to accelerate available.

The term pre-scan another reinvention in the F 700 is first used. This two buttons integrated in the headlights laser scanner, the road ahead of the vehicle from bumps and recognize. The active suspension system ABC (Active Body Control) processes the information from the forward roadway unevenness so that there should be an increase in driving comfort.

The Servo-HMI is a newly developed operating concept through which the driver can communicate with his automobile. This will allow the occupants to one by entering through the Comand-Dreh-/Drücksteller, on the other hand by an oral input via speech recognition. Both input variants are on the so-called Avatar, a generated on the screen young woman treated.

The wheelbase of the based on the S-Class F 700 was stretched by 28.5 centimeters to 3.45 meters to reach a larger interior space. The well-being of the passengers is through the incorporated cork improved spreads a good mood with its bright tone. Another important component is the seat concept, which can accommodate four people. With the viewer position passenger seat, the right rear seat can in the relaxed position in a kind of reclining seat be converted. There are also two large incorporated in the roof glass surfaces, a monitor with 51 cm diagonal screen and a surround sound system.

The F 700 is reflected externally by its dynamic power shaped lines and flared wheel arches. For external elegant appearance of the F 700 especially the classic four-eyed face with integrated LED lights and the transitions between the different parts of the vehicle are accountable.

The F 700 will not go in the form presented in series. Whether the model will not run in a similar way or even changed greatly one day from the band, is still open and depends on the demand. It is clear so far is that the Mercedes inventions used in the F 700 within the next three years for the optional selection at almost all Mercedes-Benz models to be added. But parts are built by the F 700 in the next S-Class.