• Mercedes-Benz F 300 Life Jet

The Mercedes-Benz F 300 Life Jet was a three-wheeled concept vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, which was presented at the International Motor Show in 1997.

After a test drive Board on 23 December 1995, a test vehicle on the Hockenheim Ring Mercedes-Benz has developed the F 300 to a near-series display vehicle for the IAA 1997.

A four-stroke petrol engine with four cylinders and 1.6 liters with electro-hydraulically controlled 5-speed manual transmission and a sequential gear selection mode via a toothed belt to the rear wheel. The 75 kW payable engine came from the A-Class from Mercedes-Benz.

The active roll control ("Active Tilt Control", abbreviated ATC) controlled the angle of the front wheels and the car with the rear wheel drive up to a maximum tilt angle of 30 degrees. It consists of a hydraulic pump, a tendency master cylinder and two levers waves at need to move the upper pivot points of the oblique built-in spring-damper units. The target value of the slope is calculated from the vehicle speed, the lateral acceleration and the Steering angle is calculated.

The two-seat body is made of aluminum and weighs 89kg.