• Mercedes-Benz 770 (Grosser) W150

Mercedes-Benz 770 – a series of luxury cars produced under the brand Mercedes-Benz in the years 1930-1943. It is the most famous high-ranking official car of the Nazis during World War II, including Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring. Created a total of 205 units of two series of cars.

And the Mercedes 770 series was introduced under the designation W07 in 1930. Mercedes W07 were used mainly as government vehicles.

Served to drive the R8 OHV gasoline engine with a displacement of 7655 cm ³ . It generates maximum power of 150hp (110 kW) at 2800 rev./Min, option was available to the Roots compressor which top off the engine at maximum throttle pedal is pressed. Increasing the maximum power to 200hp (150 kW) at 2800 rev./Min. which allowed to reach a maximum speed of 160km/h. For the transfer of power corresponded to a four-speed manual gearbox, gear third was direct and overdrive fourth.

Created 117 copies of the W07 series.

Series 770 has been thoroughly modernized in 1938, this has led to a change in the internal designation W150.

Engine power increased to 155hp (116 kW) at 3000 rpm./Min. Boost it increased to 230hp (170 kW) at 3200 rev./Min. The vehicle uses a 5-speed manual gearbox, gear 4 was direct and overdrive fifth.

In 1938, Mercedes 770 was the most expensive car possible to acquire in the Third Reich, even though the price was not made public (available was "auf Send request" – on request).

Until the end "connection of chassis production in 1943 was founded by 88 copies of the W150 series. Recent body connection… czono the chassis in March 1944.

Mercedes-Benz 770 (W150) cabriolet

Version 1939 W150 – Führer and the Duce

1938 MB W150 – 770K

1938 MB W150 – 770K

Year 1930 W07:

Year 1930 W07 K: