• Mercedes-Benz 250

Mercedes-Benz G Wolf – personal-terrain vehicle made in Germany.

Automotive company Daimler-Benz began in 1972, work on the construction program of a passenger car and a year later became the base of the concept car Mercedes-Benz G (Gelände – Off-road) in line with the objectives of the services supply the Bundeswehr. In the years 1974-1975 attempts with various prototypes differ in terms of wheelbase and used to drive their gasoline. However, the Bundeswehr decided in 1976 – mainly due to the costs – the introduction of a new passenger car Volkswagen Iltis field. In this situation, Daimler-Benz decided that the Mercedes-Benz G will be directed also for the civilian market. In 1980, started their production in Graz, Austria, where, together with the company Steyr-Daimler-Puch company was founded GFG (Geländewagenfahrzeug Gesellschaft).

The division of labor involved in the production of both suppliers was very clear, and the Mercedes-Benz delivered engines, transmissions and axles, and Steyr-Daimler-Puch complete chassis and bodywork. The distribution agreement also existed close and so distribute Austrian partner had these vehicles in Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and Comecon countries and the German partner in other countries. Joint production took vehicle developed under construction program military car developed by Mercedes-Benz whose design was based on a stable frame with a wheelbase of 240 or 285 cm – later also 340 cm – which has been a front-mounted four-cylinder petrol engine M115 with 66 kW (230 G), or four OM 616 diesel engine with a capacity of 53 kW (240 GD). Both engines transmit power through a five-speed gearbox on all wheels with locking mechanisms differential while driving in difficult terrain. Body in connection with the frame mounted on the rubber elements was to eliminate the adverse vibrations.

Mercedes-Benz G was introduced in 1982, first in France as the successor of the popular car there Hotchkiss M201 military, where it was produced under license under the name Peugeot P4 versions with engines of passenger cars Peugeot 504, 505 and 604 Partner of NATO, Greece has also undertaken production license under the designation Puch 240 GD. Other allies like Norway and Denmark introduced the Mercedes-Benz G to equip its armed forces in the mid-eighties. Bundeswehr began to acquire these vehicles until 1989 version of GD 250 that have been marked Lkw 0,6 t gl Wolf in place of previously used VW Iltis. GD Wolf received a new five-cylinder OM 602 diesel engine in the 2.5 liter removable folding roof, has also been adapted to the needs of the Bundeswehr (can also transfer MILAN anti-tank missiles and TOW). These vehicles are still in production, and the Bundeswehr so ​​far received more than 12 000 units. To this must be added 12 000 vehicles, which have been delivered earlier to NATO, as well as 15 000 cars produced by Peugeot and more than 10 000 cars Puch logo on the radiator instead of the Mercedes star.