• Mercedes-Benz 230

Mercedes-Benz R230 is the fifth generation of the prestigious series SL roadsters. He was deployed to production in 2001, in March 2006 and underwent a face-lift. Replaced in the offer model R129.

Technically, SL (R230) is related to the class S (W220) and CL series coupe (C215). In each of these three luxury cars was used nearly identical chassis construction, in richer versions of outfitting is mounted hydraulic Active Body Control suspension. Each car uses a similar powertrain (engine and gearbox).

The R230 model uses a number of innovative solutions, among which:

Body R230 model, provided with air intakes on the hood and on the front error otnikach, Nave… chews into the body of the famous "winged" 300 SL (W198) – the first SL-a.

In 2001, the R230 generation debuted two models:

Both were equipped with eight-cylinder engine type M113, the AMG version made every compressor Roots, which significantly increased the momentum. For both models are mounted 5-speed automatic transmission, which allows sequential shifting.

At the start… early 2003 presented another version:

Paradoxically, the model 600 had a slightly better performance from version 55 AMG, as its 12-cylinder, double-turbo engine generates more torque. The situation changed when, in August 2004, came to offer a model:

That generated a whopping motor torque – 1000 Nm at very low, as the gasoline engine speeds (2000-4000 r/min). Until recently, it was a record value when it comes to car. Currently, more torque can boast only a few cars, including the Bugatti Veyron.

Also, since 2004, optionally available was modern 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-Tronic models SL 350 and SL 500

On the last day of February 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show presented modified R230 series models. Changes related to the engine. Changed drive models SL 350 and SL 500 – engine type M112 and M113 turned into a quite new: M272 and M273 (respectively: V6 and V8 DOHC with variable valve timing). Engine M113, however, remained under the hood and SL-55, increased slightly its performance. A similar change occurred in the SL 600 – just gently raised parameters already mounted M275 engine. Without modification and was left with the motor in the SL 65

Features refreshed body, shown in Geneva Motor Show, it m.in:

Also slightly changed the look… d version of AMG:

Technical modifications introduced in March 2006, are:

In the U.S., the SL 500 after the March facelift renamed SL 550

Prepared by AMG versions differ from the models "Photo", not only the motor but also the external appearance. Are provided in the other:

Also models "serial" can be, for an additional charge, retrofitted with this stylistic package. At the same time, the version of the SL 55 Performance package can be purchased, or Tuning Centrum of the SL 65

It is worth noting that the SL 65 AMG achieves maximum speed slightly higher than the SLR McLaren supercar.