• Maserati Tipo 154

The Type 154 was a coupe racing car built by Maserati in 1965. Was a two-seater with front engine, also known as "151/4".

It was designed for endurance racing and has been jokingly called the "truck racing" for his appearance. It was an evolution of the Type 152, with revised chassis, more conveyors and air vents, and a higher displacement. The Type 154 was fitted with a V8 engine 5046.8cc.

During the official practice of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965, the pilot Lloyd Casner was killed on a type 154, after he had capottato and hit two trees.

Two months after the accident that claimed the lives Casner, the engine of the Type 154 was mounted on the Type 65.

The Type 154 was the last model based on the Maserati GT class.