• Maserati Racing

Maserati Racing was a sports luxury car built by the company 230 copies Maserati from 1990 to 1992.

All (or almost) Maserati models named after a wind, Mistral,….. The Racing will only Racing. It will be the last model of a transition between two generations of Maserati Ferrari before integration.

The Racing

490 AM-type engine delivers 208 kilowatts and is 283ch, the specific power passes 143hp/l.

It loses its interior finish "burl painted" for a dark gray finish "carbon fiber". The rest of the equipment on board remains unchanged.

Built, too, as the number of copies (very) counted the Barchetta existed in road version (stradale, 305cv, probably one prototype) and version circuit (corsa, 315ch, probably 15 series units and prototype), this shows the drive portion of the mechanical Racing (AM490 AM501 →) in the center on a beam frame, integrating the fuel tank, onto which is grafted a very lightweight body. It was designed by the office design "Synthesis design" involved in several projects of sports vehicles. A competition format monotype Maserati Grantrofeo existed in 1992 and 1993 in Italy (16 races in total).