• Maserati 4CLT

4CLT/48 Maserati is a car racing car of the Italian brand Maserati. This is an important evolution of the car initially introduced before the war, the Tipo 4CL.

Its name "4CLT" means 4 Cylinders, Linguette (latch on the valve stem) Tubolare (tubular frame).

Maserati 4CLT its origins in the experiments conducted in 1947 by Ernesto Maserati with shell and tube structures, the crankshaft with roller bearings to crossheads and the two-stage compressor. This year, a Maserati 4CL modified debuted with Villoresi to Temporada in Argentina. Later when the Maserati brothers left the company to found OSCA, a new multi-tubular chassis and compressor double stage are tested in a 4CL by Alberto Ascari in the Grand Prix de la Marne, Reims-Gueux circuit, unfortunately without finishing the race (abandonment 26th round of the 51 to run).

A redesign of the rear suspension is then performed. Now composed of forged steel arm but maintaining its rigid axle and springs cantilevered overhang associated with hydraulic dampers, the 4CLT/48 debuted on the circuit and will remain the San Remo "San Remo" in all developments that follow.

New developments coming in 1949; drum brakes are fitted with cooling fins and steering control will be changed and the position of the oil tank, which will lead to talk about 4CLT/49 model.

Two other changes will be applied to this model: