• Maserati 420 S

The 420 was a luxury car built by Maserati from 1985 to 1986. He was born two years after the Maserati 425, and in practice it was the same car except the engine, of a cylinder instead of 2 L 2.5 L, and therefore more powerful 25hp compared to the basic model (185hp versus 210). The car was in fact intended for the Italian market, where high capacities were heavily taxed. Following its success, Maserati produced in limited series, the 420S. The 420S had a better handling on the road and a new double intercooler, from which was derived the greater power. It was a rear-drive sedan.

Were produced only 2810 units of the 420 and 254 420S. The reason for the low production was the introduction in 1986, respectively, of the 420th and 420Si, both with injection system.

The transmission was 5-speed plus reverse. It was available automatic transmission. The front suspension was MacPherson struts with double action, the rear also double-action. The steering was rack and pinion while the brakes were hydraulic disc. The front track was 1442 mm while the rear was 1450 mm.

The engine mounted longitudinally, it was kind V6 with cylinder forming an angle of 90 °. The displacement was 1996cc and had three valves per cylinder. The engine mounted on the 420S produced an almighty power at 6500 revolutions per minute of 156.6 kW, corresponding to a power to the motor shaft (that is, the actual engine power, without the losses imposed by the transmission before reaching to the wheels) of 210hp. He had installed two turbochargers and had a compression ratio of 7,8:1. The cooling was water.