• Maserati 222 SE

The Maserati 222 SE is a sports car of Italian car manufacturer Maserati. The model was produced between 1990 and 1993. The Maserati 222 SE came in 1990, two years after the launch of the 222, on the market. The designation stands for Sport SE Export. It is the sporty version of the 222 in the tradition of the Biturbo S. The redesigned bumpers make the car visually slightly longer than the Biturbo 222. The interior is a mix of wood, leather and Alcantara. The car is standard air conditioning and central locking. It is one of the first series in which the traditional gold Maserati clock is equipped with lights.

The engine is the 2.8-liter V6 Biturbo, with two IHI turbochargers through Weber electronic fuel injection. Catalyst car has 225hp, about 250hp without a catalyst. The top speed is 230 kilometers per hour. Customers have a choice between a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission.

According to the factory, the original red, silver and black. In the Netherlands there is a copy of the original comes in blue, this is apparent from the data of the RDW (registration ZB-89-NS) and the original purchase invoice from importer Hessing. Of the 222 SE and SR 222 together according Maserati only 210 pieces made.

The price of a 222 SE was around one hundred twenty five thousand guilders, according to the price list of importer Hessing. The current value of a Maserati Biturbo is for the most part determined by a combination of the optical state of the Biturbo and demonstrable maintenance history. In 2011, the value of a 222 SE in good optical condition, with proven service history, around ten thousand euros from authorized Maserati specialists Franco Auto and Auto Forza. If the car has had a complete engine overhaul and in excellent original or restored condition, then the value can easily double. Through auction sites they are occasionally offered for less than ten thousand euros. These specimens are often only suitable for parts or restoration.

Parts for a Biturbo are difficult to obtain, as Maserati has ceased. Production parts A lot of work, such as adjusting the valves should be. Carried out by experienced specialists The technique of engine performance and the electronics are sophisticated and highly susceptible to interference, evidenced by the many topics on forums of the Maserati Club Holland and MaseratiChat. Regular maintenance intervals every five thousand kilometers a small turn and every ten thousand miles a great turn. The timing belt is to be established, which is a work day. Replaced every sixty kilometer

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