• Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise – Lotus car brand, produced since 1995.

The chassis is made from aluminum extrusions. They are glued, in some places a thinner structure can be used. Wheels, suspension and brake discs are made of light alloy.

Elise has a foot, 16-valve engine from the Rover K series with double overhead camshaft. The modern form of the sandwich structure with long bolts running through the entire depth of the engine keeps it in its entirety. This design with wet cylinder liners for the thinnest possible water jacket to the engine is the most compact. Torque of 170 nm. The car is light, so acceleration is greater than having a similar engine MGF 1.8 and, even have a more powerful engine… which MGF VVC.

Lotus Elise based on one of the most mass-produced electric cars Tesla Roadster company Tesla Motors. Cars were produced in England, but their final assembly (including physical drive and traction batteries) followed in California. In 2008-2012, sold 2,500 copies. The Tesla Roadster is about 500kg heavier than the Lotus Elise conventional, but the electric drive powered with lithium-ion battery allows propel the electric version from 0 to 100km/h in about 3.9 sec, in the case of sports version even in 3.7 s