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Close to the King, where he had to bring flowers from Mount Popa, which is a few tens of miles from Bagan ten times a day. Then married the girl of Bubba and gave birth to his two children..

He was the king Onorata 1044-1077 AD and Muslim military units in the army and also of private guards. When attacked King Onorata Martban capital Moun there were two units Muslim states Dafta furiously in repelling the attack.

King Saulo has given that city to his childhood friend who is also his brother Balarzaa where she was nursing mother Rehman Khan Prince Saulo.

The expansion of his empire, They settled in central Burma,.

Salamat Alerha their names and the names of a Muslim, and the commander of the fleet Alerha is Arabic. In 1711 King exchange embassies and delegations with the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah.

40,000 of which half are Muslims and transported to Burma. Burmese have been able to take a huge cannon and 200 archers rifles and a mixture of Indian soldiers, in the midst of it has been re-localization of Muslon to the south of the River Omarrapora dead.

The area surrounding the park for tourists. It was said that the governor of Bagan in 1850 was also a Muslim, has been appointed the kings of Burma, many Muslims in their constituencies own: King Alkhasian guards and their reporters and interpreters and advisers.

Has allowed them to then work in the army as well as being able to capture four warships. After that came Bajo accept his army in a military convoy was allowed to soldiers Pathe Muslims to wear their uniforms in a traditional war.


When you perform Hajj.

Mandalay. The king made Mendon after ascending the throne Tailoring your Muslim named Yu Su, and appointed Kabul Molloy judge to rule in matters of Muslims, according to Islamic law.

About 20 mosques all fall outside the wall of the palace. It honors King Mendon also was allowed to build a mosque on land granted to Banthein They are Chinese Muslims in Burma.


Ethnic groups of Muslims in Burma

About freedom of religion in 2005.

Islam, Christianity and Hinduism in Myanmar are people who are loyal like Boveo Myanmar

The sacrificial slaughter of cattle. The King also prevent Olaingbaya’m eating in the eighteenth century.

Good parents.

Against foreigners and those they surveyed Muslims from all races. Then in 1938, a riot broke out against Muslims influenced by statements newspapers.

Riots. Venhpt Muslim shops and homes and mosques destroyed and burned completely, and that Muslims are subjected to assault and murder, and violence has spread across Burma, damaging the mosque about 113.

And the right to own property and the right to receive a share of general revenues to spend on charitable institutions and their own education. It also recommended an independent government separate from India or in the case of self-mastery.

Burma, angering religious minorities.

Terrorism charges against Muslim organizations such as the Union of Burma, all Muslims N. forcing Muslims to join the armed resistance groups to fight for freedom.

They robbed and looted and destroyed property, and assaulted on all religious places and destroyed, have been killed by the rioting and three people arrested 100 monks.

Muslim activists have died more than 20 people. The impact of the conflict in the mainly Muslim majority in the city, so it has most of the damage caused to the property of Muslims.

Sedition. Believes, Human Rights and other organizations that those facts have confirmed the presence of agents of sedition among the monks.

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