• Lotus 80

The Lotus 80 was a Formula 1 car used by Team Lotus in 1979 season. Designed by Colin Chapman, Martin Ogilvie, Tony Rudd and Peter Wright tried to make the most of the ground effect. The high downforce would allow the car to run without ailerons.

The car is presented in the classic British green livery automobile after the abandonment of the sponsor John Player Special. During test sessions Mario Andretti reported that speed in the car behaved well, but lost in braking and cornering downforce alarmingly riguadagnandola so sudden. The team tried to mount the ailerons, but the situation did not change.

Andretti racing three races on the Lotus 80, while teammate Reutemann refused to fly it and remained at the helm of the model 79.

Colin Chapman admitted that the car was not designed the wonder that would be expected, and after finishing third in Spain and Monaco races in Belgium and returned to use the model 79.

The aerodynamic expressed in the Lotus 80 model will be reused in the next 88.