• Lotus 79

Lotus 79 – Formula 1 car, designed in 1978 by Colin Chapman, Geoff Aldridge, Martin Ogilvie and Peter Wright and built by Team Lotus. The car has contributed to winning the title in the drivers’ and constructors in 1978.

In the late ’60s, Tony Rudd of BRM first decided to apply for the scale model (P142) Bernoulli equation. The equation states that if a liquid flows through a constriction, its velocity increases and the pressure decreases (the venturi effect). In Formula 1, "liquid" is air, which means that the profiled bottom of the car respectively, is capable of producing low pressure, which greatly increase the adhesion of the vehicle. This phenomenon is known as the effect of przypowierzchniowy. BRM accused growth development around this concept, like March, who in 1970 built the first full-size car trying to take advantage of this phenomenon (701), but inter alia inappropriate (too high) side sections March has not gained the expected results. McLaren and Brabham experimented with air dams, also to no avail.

The first car properly using przypowierzchniowy effect was the Lotus 78 of 1977, also known as the John Player Special Mk. III. Colin Chapman, Peter Wright and Tony Rudd acquire the idea of ​​building a car that uses the effect przypowierzchniowy and began testing the model in the wind tunnel. The results were outstanding. The full-size car, however, had no such pressure as the equivalent of the tunnel.

The side sections of the car – shaped wings reversed – generate pressure from both sides. Was added to the edge of the car apron, which prevented from getting underneath the vehicle from the outside unwanted air. Lotus 78 was successful in 1977, Mario Andretti won four times and won the title only because of its high reliability.

When the season lasted, Lotus decided to create a more radical car that draws effect przypowierzchniowy as possible. In this way, a Lotus 79, also known as the John Player Special Mk. IV. In this model, used aluminum monocoque. Three fuel tanks have been replaced by a single large. From the rear of the car was a Ford Cosworth DFV engine (reaching power of about 480hp at 10 500 rev./Min.} And Hewland gearbox. In sections placed side coolers. Front suspension consisted of double wishbones and dampers and springs inside the body, and at the rear – double wishbone, shock absorbers and springs on the outside of the body, tie-bar and stabilizer bar. On all four wheels using the brake discs.

Model 79 was not ready for the start of the season in 1978, but the Lotus 78 was doing well, and Andretti and Ronnie Peterson suffered one victory. Lotus 79 he made his debut in the Belgian Grand Prix, and Andretti won the pole position and won the race. The American won another four races of the season, and Peterson – one. However, the Swede was killed as a result of post-operative complications that arose as a result of a collision on the first lap of the Italian Grand Prix. At the same Andretti race secured the title. Peterson was replaced by Jean-Pierre Jarier, who in his first race for Lotus won the fastest lap in the second pole position.

Season 1979 Lotus also began to model 79, as the Lotus 80 was not yet ready. The cars were painted in the classic British racing green and logos Martini, which replaced the black and logos John Player Special. The first two races won Ligiery JS11, but Lotus was the second best team. In the course of the season Lotus, however, were getting worse results.

Special undersides of cars have… ce to produce the effect przypowierzchniowego been forbidden after 1982 season.

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