• Lotus 59

The Lotus 59 was a Formula 2 and Formula 3 race car that was built by Lotus in 1969.

With the Lotus 59 and the Formula 3 version, the Lotus 59B, Lotus developed two very successful race car for the two small international single-seater categories. Dave Baldwin constructed a very complex for the 1960s vehicle based on a square tube frame. Although the vehicles had a not very effective aerodynamics, they had a very good handling.

In Formula 2, the vehicles were used by Roy Winkelmann Racing Team. The team was supported by the factory and the two Lotus Formula 1 factory driver Graham Hill and Jochen Rindt and the German Rolf went Stommelen 1969 Winkelmann at the start. Jochen Rindt dominated the Formula 2 race with the 59 almost at will.

In formula 3 was among other Emerson Fittipaldi for the GLTL team with a Lotus 59B at the start and Tony Trimmer won in 1970 with the 59, the British Formula 3 Championship.