• Lotus 53

Disaster cruise ADC Airlines Flight 53 occurred on Oct. 29, 2006 in Abuja, Nigeria. Boeing 737-2B7 line ADC Airlines crashed moments after takeoff in a cornfield. Killed 97 people (including one on the ground), survived 10 people. The plane was flying from Abuja to Sokoto.

Boeing 737-2B7 (Reg. No. 5N-BFK) was produced on September 27, 1983. Prior to the accident in Abuja, he flew more than 44.088 hours.

The machine was flying from Lagos to Sokoto with stopovers in Abuja. At 11:14 the aircraft captain requested permission to taxi to the runway No. 22 Control pokołowali it. Before the start of the controller informed the pilot of the deteriorating weather. At 11:28 the aircraft took off from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

The first problems began during the climb. The pilots managed to contact the controller, but a few seconds later, the engine dropped a cornfield and burst into flames, killing a woman on earth who was seriously wounded by shrapnel Boeing. The deaths of 97 people (including one on the ground), survived 10 people.

The causes of the crash has not yet been established.

Flight 53 crash was 11 leave a clean air disaster in Nigeria since 1995. Since then the plane crashes in Nigeria killed more than 500 people. Last catastrophe occurred a year before the tragedy of Flight 53 following the crash of Bellview Airlines airplane lines, killed 117 people. The last line of the ADC Airlines crash occurred on Nov. 7, 1996. Machine crashed in Ejirin as a result of loss of control. 143 people were killed.

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