• Lotus 52

Avianca Flight 52 crash – which occurred on Jan. 25, 1990, a Boeing 707 belonging to Colombian airline Avianca, flying from Medellin to New York crashed during landing approach due to lack of fuel. As a result of the crash 73 people were killed and 85 people were injured.

Boeing 707 (Registration No. HK-2016) made a flight on line Bogota – Medellin – New York. At 15:08 local time, the plane took off with 158 people on board from Medellin to New York. After arriving in the vicinity of the destination airport, the plane had to circle three times in the vicinity of the airport in New York for more than 77 minutes (19 minutes in the vicinity of Norfolk, 29 minutes off the coast of New Jersey, and another 29 minutes), due to the heavy traffic in the airspace. Approx. hours. 20:44 control traffic circle told pilots over New York until 21:05. The crew informed the control that can wait only 5 minutes to spare Logan International Airport is about 298km. About 21:15 the pilots contacted again and asked for permission to approach for landing. Because of poor visibility (visibility 400 m) try again eight minutes later. Suddenly, two minutes before the accident turn off two engines 3 and 4 aircraft in the chair. 21:34 hit a tree in the rich residential area near Cove Neck Street Tennis Court Rd. The accident killed 73 people (65 passengers and 8 crew of), survived 85 people (84 passengers and one flight attendant older).

The cause of the accident was the lack of fuel in the engines. Supply of fuel in the aircraft was too small. The pilots did not expect that they would have to circle around the airport for more than 77 minutes. In addition, pilots, probably by fatigue many hours flight, not guarding fuel ratios. If informed air traffic control about ending the fuel, flight 52 would have priority for landing. Error also committed traffic control, as the unlucky 77 minutes the aircraft was operated by several different controllers, which broke out additional confusion.