• Lotus 47

The Lotus 47 was a race car based on the Lotus Europa (internal Lotus 46).

A prototype of Europe was rebuilt by the independent race car department "Lotus Components" so that a company’s own 1.6-liter four-cylinder Cosworth racing engine and a proprietary racing suspension from the current Formula 2 car Lotus 59 fitted. Then there was a racing gearbox Hewland FT 200 from the formula 2 with a modified switching mechanism and an adjustable pedal assembly from racing. In addition, the two models are virtually identical to what the Lotus 47 makes to the real race car last in motorsport history, of which there is a street version.

The Lotus 47 was found to be technically too complicated for customer teams. Although the Lotus 47 was significantly faster than the Lotus Elan 26R, he was inferior to pure race cars Chevron B6 and Porsche Carrera 6 and the speed to be problematic for the mechanic. Only used by the factory and painted in the famous red and gold and white of the sponsor John Player cars were somewhat successful. Almost all the Lotus 47 were later converted for road transport.